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The Saint Louis Zoo is scheduled to return to the usual free-for-all crowd situation in just a few days.

Reservations will no longer be necessary to visit the Saint Louis Zoo. (1 Government Unit, 314-781-0900) Starting Monday, May 23.

The reservation system began as a way to control capacity at the zoo as St. Louis faced COVID-19 restrictions. Anyone who has been there on a Saturday morning knows how hectic it can get, so the system was put in place to give visitors more space to allow for social distancing.

Visiting the famous St. Louis attraction is always free (even if some of us think they should charge admission fees) and reservations have been free, too.

Still, people complain even when it’s free. When the first warm days came this spring and families tried to flood the zoo, they were turned away if they didn’t have a reservation. This led to many titled whimpers on social media.

But soon they’ll have to find something new to complain about (don’t worry, they will) because the Saint Louis Zoo is scheduled to return to the usual free-crowd situation in just a few days.

Here’s a pro tip for visiting the zoo in case you forgot: Carry your baby, if possible. Strollers are vibe killers: they’re hard to navigate through crowds, they’re easy to trip over, and they’re so expensive you feel weird leaving them alone somewhere while you run to see the penguins.

Baby carriers. Get into them.

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