Rangers angry over potentially deadly organizational lapses in Europa League final

Rangers are deeply unhappy with the organization of Wednesday’s Europa League final at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium in Seville, Telegraph Sport has learned.

The Scottish champions failed in their bid to win a first European trophy in 50 years, but their concerns center around organizational failures around and within the stadium, which left some supporters in life-threatening situations and saw others denied entry, although they had evidence. of electronic tickets on their phones, because the police confiscated battery packs.

The cause of the difficulties seems to lie in a failure to understand the impact or scale of the exodus of fans from both Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt, as the Ibrox club reported, several weeks before the event, that between 80,000 and 100,000 fans from the Rangers could be expected, with 80,000 probably without tickets.

As was quickly made clear in social media posts on Wednesday night, most of the stalls where you could normally buy water were closed, despite the scorching heat and temperatures as high as 33 degrees. One supporter, a doctor, described seeing spectators lying on the ground suffering from dehydration.

Other reports recorded many cases (about 400 or more) of phone battery pack confiscations, even though the phones were needed to verify the authenticity of electronic tickets. Local police also seized skin creams, as well as insulin and other medications, and cordoned off the outside of the field.

Inside the venue, when bottled water supplies ran out, desperately thirsty fans were given plastic cups and advised to draw water from toilets, which dried up soon after. Sevilla are believed to have warned Uefa that demand was four or five times higher than in club matches played on the pitch.

The Telegraph understands that Rangers have had further contact with the Spanish Football Federation about system failures and that their fans have been in contact with Football Supporters Europe, which monitors European finals independently and advises UEFA on its findings.

The rangers are believed to be particularly interested in emphasizing that, despite earlier concerns, their supporters did not cause trouble in the city or countryside and were subsequently praised by municipal officials, in contrast to cases of organizational failure. in the event.

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