Ralf Rangnick’s struggles have shown Erik ten Hag the biggest problem at Manchester United – Casey Evans

Ralf Rangnick’s time as manager of Manchester United could be considered a failure. Many fans hoped that the German coach could turn the club’s fortunes around after a disastrous start to the season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but that seemed beyond him.

Part of this is due to the template; the performances under Solskjaer were lackluster and even in the games they won, it could have been argued that the results could have gone against United. It was very clear that a change of manager was necessary at Old Trafford and the run that ended with a 4-1 loss to Watford in November.

However, a significant part of the matches since then has been due to how the team reacted to Rangnick’s methods. The German was known as the ‘godfather of Gegenpressing’ and this is the style he sought to implement when he first joined the club.

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It was only for the first 45 minutes of their opening game against Crystal Palace that it became clear what ‘Rangnick-Ball’ would look like with this United team, but since then, he hasn’t been visible in any of United’s other fixtures. He has a very clear style of play that he wanted to implement and for reasons that will probably not be fully explained until he leaves Old Trafford, the team did not take him up and hopefully this has given Erik ten a warning. Witch.

Like Rangnick, the incoming Dutchman also has a very clear and defined style of play that he will not be willing to compromise when he joins United. The problem is that he will need the team to change his style to adapt to the new coach’s vision.

Solskjaer’s success came from the fact that he promoted individuality in this United team. This allowed the team to meet their rivals in single matches, but they lacked consistency throughout the season to win the silver medal.

Somehow, though, the ego this promoted has remained. He has been dubbed ‘hero-ball’ by United fans and while part of this could be due to a lack of structure under Rangnick, it seems to be the default setup for United when things go against them.

Obviously the team wants to win above all else, but it’s about doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Every seeker pass, forced shot and hopeful dribble has served to get United back to where they belong; but without the structure and training to direct it positively, it has had no effect.

Under Ten Hag, the ‘hero ball’ must go out the window and players must put the team first instead of themselves. The Dutchman, of course, must earn the team’s respect quickly and make sure they listen to him. Otherwise, United’s new ‘project’ will go the same way as the old ones.

And if United want to succeed, there can be no question on the part of the team. If any player is unwilling to join Ten Hag’s methods or is deemed to exceed the requirements, they should be removed to prevent a similar situation to what happened with Rangnick from happening again.

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