Prince Harry to the Ukraine team at the Invictus Games: “The world is united with you”

After a two-year suspension due to Covid, the Invictus Games, an athletic competition for wounded service personnel and veterans, returned Saturday in The Hague, Netherlands. prince harrywho founded the games in 2014, was present at the beginning, as was Meghan Markledutch prime minister brand rutteand members of the Dutch royal family.

But all eyes were on Team Ukraine, one of 20 nations represented. As the Associated Press reported, some of the visiting competitors were “taking a short break from defending their country against the Russian invasion that triggered a devastating war.” As the team waved their yellow and blue flag, the process was halted and everyone gathered cheered for “nearly a minute.”

As Prince Harry took the microphone, he addressed the Ukrainian team and said: “Your courage in choosing to come and be here tonight cannot be overstated.” He added an assurance that “you know we are with you. The world is united with you. And you still deserve more.

He also added that his son, archiesays he wants to be a helicopter pilot when he grows up.

Earlier in the proceedings, Meghan Markle, introducing her husband, reminded the crowd that the Games founder “is her fellow veteran, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and 10 years of military service.” She added that Harry is “the founder of Invictus Games and the father of our two little boys, Archie and lili.”

In addition to making speeches at the opening ceremony, Harry and Meghan attended a volleyball competition on Easter Sunday, wore smart-casual clothing and even petted some dogs. The BBC noted that a camera crew has been with them every step of the way, filming them for an upcoming Netflix special. (On Friday, the Sussexes rode in kiddie cars as a ’70s French pop hit played over a PA system, and Harry helped navigate an obstacle course to the Black Eyed Peas.)

Before arriving in the Netherlands, the couple’s first trip across the pond since 2020, they stopped in London for what has been described as a “peace summit” with Queen Elizabeth Y Prince carlos.

Previous Invictus Games have been held in London, Orlando, Toronto and Sydney. Next year’s event is scheduled for Düsseldorf, Germany.

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