Pets at polling stations: 18 photos of democracy-loving dogs, cats… and cows

With so many people across the UK heading to the polls on May 5 for local elections, it’s only natural that they’d bring their four-legged companions.

Indeed, in recent years it has become an informal tradition on social media for people to share photos of their dogs at the polling station.

And this year is no exception: even Prime Minister Boris Johnson and London Mayor Sadiq Khan brought their dogs to vote.

Council seats in Scotland, Wales, London and parts of England are up for grabs as Northern Ireland elects its new assembly, with polls open until 10pm.

But today’s local election, where the Conservatives are expected to see significant losses, saw some additional additions joining the #DogsAtPollingStations trend…

Here’s a roundup of the most unusual photos making the rounds to brighten your day.

Dogs that misbehave at the polls

Owners doing the most for their dogs

Who released the dogs?

Puppies in strollers at polling stations

When your pup prides himself on dogmocracy

But, aside from dogs… the cows also turned out

Then the cats made their appearance.

From time to time, there was a collision of worlds.

And it’s equal opportunity for smaller pets…

In England, more than 4,000 council seats are up for grabs in 146 major city councils.

Results are expected to be announced around midnight with final tallies due over the weekend.

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