Panthers fans taunt Canberra Raiders with ‘Viking cheers’ as Penrith advances to 7-0 for NRL season

Panthers fans clearly love life, with another undefeated start to the season, rubbing salt into Canberra’s wounds during Sunday’s drubbing of the Raiders.

After Nathan Cleary converted Viliame Kikau’s attempt to make it 36-6 with six minutes left at Penrith Stadium, the home fans began a ‘Viking clap’ as the Raiders ran halfway to start for the eighth time. in the night.

To make matters worse, Corey Harawira-Naera ripped his kickoff off completely, sending the exhausted Raiders into further defense and further inciting the crowd.

After being accused of arrogance during his near-flawless performances since the start of 2020, Panthers five-eighth Jarome Luai said after the game, “We don’t have much control over what the crowd does,” as he smiled.

The Raiders adopted the slow-building ‘Viking clap’ after it was made famous by Icelandic fans at Euro 2016.

He has since become a fixture at Canberra’s NRL matches, but has also become a target for rivals, with Michael Ennis taking the mickey when Cronulla beat them in a 2016 qualifying final.


Coincidentally, Ennis was on the Fox Sports commentary as Panthers fans emulated him.

Whether it was the taunts of the fans or the stifling dominance of the Panthers, the Raiders’ frustrations spilled over into the full-time siren.

Cleary missed a shot on a field goal when the buzzer sounded and, as he and his teammates celebrated their seventh straight win to start the season, Canberra five-eighth Jack Wighton and Panthers center Stephen Crichton tangled up .

Players ran from all over the park to get involved, with Penrith fullback Dylan Edwards enduring Wighton’s fiercest shoves.

Stephen Crichton (centre left) and Jack Wighton (centre right) got into a fight that drew players from all over the field full time.(Getty Images: Matt Blyth)

Wighton said umpires spoke quickly with him and Penrith’s patron Isaah Yeo after the game, but no punches appeared to be thrown, so there should be no match review committee involvement.

Meanwhile, Raiders coach Ricky Stuart felt there were more important things to worry about than the actions of the crowd after his team’s fourth straight loss, during which they were outscored 67-8 in the second halves.

“I have no thoughts,” he said when asked what he thought about the applause from fans.

“Is that really a big point of focus? Fuck me dead.”

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