Palestinians mourn Shirin Abu Aqleh to his final resting place in Jerusalem

Thousands of Palestinians took part in the funeral of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, who was shot in the head two days ago while covering an Israeli operation in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, which is witnessing clashes.

After he suggested she was killed by Palestinian fire, Israel again said Friday that it does not rule out that the bullet was fired from the gun of one of its soldiers. The Palestinian Authority, Qatar’s Al Jazeera and Doha have accused the Israeli army of killing her.

However, the Israeli army announced on Friday the results of an interim investigation into the killing of Abu Aqila and concluded that “it is not possible to determine the origin of the shooting” to which the Al-Jazeera correspondent was subjected.

“The interim investigation presented to Chief of Staff General (Aviv) Kochavi concluded that the source of the shooting that wounded Shirin Abu Akleh and led to her death could not be determined,” IDF spokesman Avichai Adraee said. , in a tweet.

During Shirin’s funeral, further violent clashes broke out in the Jenin refugee camp, where she was killed on Wednesday, and on Friday, during which an Israeli policeman residing in a settlement in the area was killed and 13 Palestinians were injured in a new incursion of the Israelis. army, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources.

In East Jerusalem, clashes erupted on Friday afternoon as the journalist’s coffin was carried out of the hospital, as Israeli police dispersed a crowd waving Palestinian flags outside St. Joseph’s Hospital. Images broadcast by local television channels showed the coffin about to fall to the ground.

But the coffin was eventually moved to the Old City, where a mass was held in honor of the 51-year-old reporter, in a packed Melkite Roman Catholic church, according to an AFP reporter.

Also, the alleys of the Christian neighborhood around the church were filled with those who came to participate in the funeral of the journalist who grew up in East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied and annexed in 1967.

Israeli police closed some of the entrances to the Old City, while the crowd walked behind the coffin towards the “Zion” cemetery, where the burial was located near the Old City.

The Israeli army said on Friday that it was not immediately possible to determine the source of the shooting that led to his death, based on preliminary results of its investigations, noting that the shooting could have come from a Palestinian or Israeli source.

Israel demands that the bullet be handed over to it for a ballistics examination, in the presence of Palestinian and American experts.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that he holds Israeli authorities “full responsibility” for Shirin’s murder, refusing to open a joint investigation.

On Thursday, Abbas said: “We hold the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for his murder,” justifying his refusal to open a joint investigation by saying that “the Israeli authorities committed this crime and we do not trust them.” He said that he wanted to go to the International Criminal Court.

A first autopsy was carried out in Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, shortly after the journalist’s death, but the results were not announced.

Qatar’s Al-Jazeera channel also accused Israeli forces of “deliberately” and “cold-bloodedly” killing the journalist.

She is active in the Jenin camp, where armed Palestinian factions were killed in the northern West Bank, and from which some of the perpetrators of the recent attacks in Israel left. The Israeli army said she was carrying out raids to arrest Palestinians she was targeting.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that during a new raid on Friday, the Israeli army shelled a house, injuring 13 Palestinians, two of whom were taken to hospital in critical condition.

The murder of Shireen Abu Aqleh unleashed a wave of anger in the Palestinian territories and in the Arab world, where millions of people followed her investigations for more than twenty years, as well as in Europe and the United States.

She is the seventh journalist to be killed in the Palestinian territories since 2018, according to Reporters Without Borders, and her photo appeared at rallies in Turkey, Sudan and Lebanon and on a building in the Qatari capital, Doha. and was widely shared on social media.

Since Wednesday there have been spontaneous demonstrations across the Palestinian territory protesting his death. In the Gaza Strip, artists carved his name in the sand and painted a mural in his honor, while children laid flowers at the site of his death in Jenin.

On the roof of one of the buildings in the central square of Ramallah, a huge banner with the image of Abu Akleh was hung, with the inscription: “Goodbye, Shirin, goodbye, the Voice of Palestine.”

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