Pacoima Garbage Fire Spreads to Nearby Church, Threatens Apartment Building – NBC Los Angeles

Firefighters doused a structure fire in part of Pacoima on Sunday afternoon.

The fire started as a large outdoor garbage fire at 10219 North San Fernando Road, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The flames then spread to the rear and attic of a nearby one-story church. The church was unoccupied, the LAFD said, but the fire “largely involved” the building.

The fire, which the LAFD refers to as the San Fernando Fire, also threatened a nearby two-story apartment building.

A total of 71 LAFD firefighters put out the fire, categorized as a Major Fire fire, after a total of 63 minutes.

No injuries have been reported. The fire did not reach the apartment building, the LAFD said, and residents are not expected to be displaced from the building.

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