Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Review: Learn About This At-Home Hair Treatment System

Found in top salons and on Instagram aesthetic shelfies, Olaplex has established itself as an affordable luxury hair care brand that delivers professional-level results even for your at-home treatments. Take the viral Olpalex No. 3 Hair Repair Perfector, for example. The hashtag #olaplexno3 has 40.4 million views on TikTok, with videos showcasing the transformations from lackluster locks to luscious locks. With “perfect” in the name and amazing results, we had to make sure it wasn’t too good to be true.

Each of our nine testers had different hair types, including straight, wavy, 3A curly, 3C/4A curly, thick, fine, long, short, dry, oily, color-treated, and natural. We each tried the hair mask as often as we wanted for four weeks, and yes, we were blown away.

A hydrating hair mask we love for damaged hair

This treatment leaves hair softer and shinier thanks to its ability to repair broken bonds in the hair, a difference we noticed after the first use.

How Olaplex No. 3 works

The structure of our hair features millions of disulfide bonds between the proteins that make up our strands, giving them strength and elasticity. When these bonds break, it is when our hair has split ends and looks dry, frizzy and damaged. Olaplex No. 3 contains Olaplex’s patented bond-building ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which penetrates the hair and rebuilds damaged bonds. This results in hair that looks and feels healthier.

Benefits of using Olaplex No.3

“There are so many ways hair can be damaged, things we forget to even consider: extreme environmental and weather changes, heat styling, and even rough brushing. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is safe for all hair types and works from the internal structure of the hair to strengthen it and protect it from future damage,” explains professional stylist and Olaplex Ambassador Bianca Hillier.

The hair mask is said to moisturize and repair hair, thanks to the nourishing ingredient that strengthens bonds, leaving it shinier and smoother overall. Although it has become known as a holy grail product among those who color their hair, Olaplex No. 3 can be used for all hair types. “The reason Olaplex is good for all hair types is because hair ties are agnostic regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity,” says Hillier.

How to use Olaplex No. 3

Olaplex No. 3 should be applied to damp hair before using shampoo or conditioner and left on for at least 10 minutes. Results can be more prominent if you leave it on longer (the brand says maximum results are achieved in 45 minutes), giving the product time to penetrate the hair. But you don’t want to leave it on your hair so long that it dries out, as the treatment only works on damp hair. After letting it sit, you can wash and condition your hair as usual.

“Remember, it’s not a replacement for conditioner, so you should always shampoo and condition,” Hillier says. “This is a supplement to your regular routine. For damaged hair, I suggest using it twice a week for best results. Since there are no proteins, sulfates or silicones in the formula, it is impossible to abuse it.

What we love about Olaplex No. 3

It’s not every day you find a hair product that delivers salon-level results that you can see and feel. Olaplex No. 3 made our hair feel healthier, shinier, and softer on all of our testers’ hair types. We also loved that it had a fresh scent that reminds us of professional quality products found in salons.

After using the treatment, people with straight hair said their locks were smooth and required less effort to detangle, even when hair was still damp. “My hair would detangle in a matter of minutes, whereas before it took much longer, because I have very long and thick hair,” says Richa Srivastava, business development coordinator.

I found that my own thick, straight hair, which often feels dry from a year-old balayage, also didn’t get as tangled in the days after using the mask. Instead, it felt smooth and silky thanks to the moisturizing factor of the Olaplex.

Curly hair testers felt their hair had more moisture and hydration, making their curls more defined yet softer and less frizzy. Social coordinator Sarai Thompson has 3C/4A curls that she says were “exhausted and dry” after wearing her natural hair in high and low buns for a month straight. “I was very impressed with how Olaplex restored my hair strands,” she says. “Even before I washed the product off in the shower, I could feel the difference. I plan to use Olaplex on all of my wash days, especially when removing protective styling to ensure my curls are consistently healthy.”

Olaplex Review #3

Across different hair textures, those with colored hair reported that their hair looked shinier and less dull after using the product. And those with fine locks were surprised that their hair didn’t feel heavy or greasy. “I usually stay away from thick formulas and conditioner because my fine hair gets matted and oily very easily, which in turn makes me have to wash my hair every day to avoid hair and leather. oily scalps,” says senior editor Rachel Lubitz. “But surprisingly, Olaplex was able to solve this problem for me. After a handful of uses, I found that I could go a day or two without washing my hair and my hair still felt clean.

These results make it a great at-home treatment for when you notice your hair feels drier, duller, or more difficult to work with. The smoothing and strengthening effect of Olaplex No. 3 makes hair more manageable to style, and although the product is not a styling product in itself, starting with healthy hair makes it easier to manipulate for other looks.

Visible results lasted three days for most testers, but hair felt healthier overall for at least a week after use. We found that there was less hair breakage, less frizz, and more time between our wash days after consistent weekly or bi-weekly use of the product.

olaplex hair mask nº 3 before and after

What we didn’t like

During our tests of Olaplex No. 3, we found that it was not the easiest to incorporate into our hair care routines. While most hair masks add time to your shower routine, the fact that you have to get your hair wet first for Olaplex No. 3 to work made it a bit tricky. We had to take extra long showers before rinsing off, or get out of the shower altogether and fix our hair while doing something else during the treatment time.

“The only barrier to entry for me is that integrating Olaplex No. 3 into my shower routine isn’t necessarily perfect,” says Chelsea Stone, senior editor, who has highlighted 3A curly hair. “ I tried just getting my hair wet, putting on the Olaplex and doing things in my apartment for 10 minutes before continuing with the rest of my shower, getting my hair wet, putting on the Olaplex and going straight into the shower, saving all my hair. things for the end, but neither option seemed completely ideal. This is why I tend to see Olaplex more as a special treat than part of my regular routine.”

olaplex review #3

The second downside we found was that we had to use a lot more product than our first try to see and feel a difference. Once we figured out how much the hair needed to be saturated, which is almost completely, we found that the amount of product in the 100-milliliter bottle didn’t seem like much.

“In my opinion, the formula was very watery,” shares Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist, who has thin, straight, dyed hair. “Considering I have a lot of hair, I was forced to use a lot of product, and I think if the formula was a little thicker, I wouldn’t have run out of mascara so quickly.” For several of us with long, thick or just a lot of hair, half the bottle was gone in the second treatment.

olaplex nº 3 hair before and after

Testers without colored hair also had more moderate results compared to the big difference felt by those with colored locks. Although the product can be used on any type of hair, the results will be more noticeable on more damaged hair as it will repair broken bonds.

olaplex review #3

How it compares to other hair masks

Olaplex No. 3 stands out compared to other bond-strengthening hair masks. Biometric Hairscience K18 Molecular Repair Leave-in Hair Mask offers similar straightening, repair and strengthening results to Olaplex No. 3, but comes at a higher price: $75 for 50 milliliters. The K18 treatment has a thicker consistency and doesn’t require as much product per use, so it can last longer. However, it doesn’t leave hair immediately and visibly transformed like Olaplex No. 3, according to Hayley Saltzman, head of social media, who has thin, dyed hair. She has used Olaplex No. 3 on and off for three years and recently started using K18. The latter requires more uses to see results, giving Olaplex No. 3 a better value overall.

Bottom line

Olaplex No. 3 is a valuable addition to your hair care routine. While you may need to sacrifice an extra 10-45 minutes to apply the mask, you will see and feel the difference almost immediately. If you don’t have the time or money to go to a salon before a big event, getting this mask done the day before or even the morning will make it look like you did.

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