NOAA releases hot summer outlook

(NEXSTAR) – Prepare your swimsuit and SPF. It looks like a hot summer for almost everyone this year.

The Climate Prediction Center’s summer outlook was released Thursday and shows a chance of above-average temperatures for nearly every part of every state in the country between June and August.

The highest chance of high temperatures is found in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, according to the Climate Prediction Center’s outlook. Another pocket especially prone to seeing a hot summer is the Northeast, as seen on the map below.

San Diego, along with the rest of California’s western coast, has a 33-40% chance of above-average summer temperatures, depending on the model.

90 day temperature forecast for June, July and August. (Credit: Climate Prediction Center/NOAA)

The darker the orange or red hue on the map above, it indicates the likelihood of a hotter-than-average summer. The white parts of the map show equal chances of an above or below average summer.

No state is expected to have a cooler-than-usual summer.

The Climate Prediction Center, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), issues 90-day forecasts once a month. Thursday’s outlook also calls for a dry summer for most of the country.

Only the East Coast, the Gulf states, southern Arizona and Alaska are forecast to have a wetter summer. The rest of the country is facing dry conditions, which is expected to worsen the drought in the west.

San Diego and much of California are forecast to be equally likely to be above and below average and not tilted in any particular way, based on the summer outlook.

90 day rainfall forecast for June, July and August. (Credit: Climate Prediction Center/NOAA)

These summer weather predictions are influenced by the current La Weather pattern Niña, which has been prolonged especially during this year.

La Niña also has an impact on hurricane season. It generally weakens storms that originate in the Pacific, but leads to stronger hurricanes in the Atlantic.

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