Nickey Rackard Cup Recap: Fermanagh and Tyrone wins with Donegal draw make it a good day for Ulster toss

Donegal 1-22 Roscommon 3-16

MICKEY McCANN was a picture of relief when Ronan McDermott’s late goal snatched Donegal’s equalizer.

Roscommon had been on the upswing when Eoin Fitzgerald netted and Daniel Glynn converted a penalty at Letterkenny.

The Rossies came from five down to level with Adam Donnelly hammering in a third goal to completely turn the tide.

Donegal led 0-12 to 0-8 at half-time, but Roscommon’s trio of goals turned things around.

“Other teams are getting the goals when they need them against us, but we’re not getting them at all,” McCann lamented. “There are very fine margins in these games, and we just don’t close them.

“We shot better than Roscommon for most of the game but they had some little purple patches where they scored goals. It would have been heartbreaking if we had lost and it would have been difficult to raise morale again.”

Scorers – Donegal: R McDermott 1-3; D Flynn 0-5 (2f); R Ryan, D Ó Maoileidigh 0-3 apiece; D Coulter, R Campbell, J O’Loughlin 0-2 each; S McVeigh, D Cullen 0-1 each. Roscommon: D Glynn 1-9 (1-0 penalty, 7f); E Fitzgerald 1-2; To Donnelly 1-0; C Dolan 0-3; MJ Egan, C Cosgrove 0-1 each.

Donegal – L White; C O’Grady S Gillespie, G Browne; J O’Loughlin, M Donaghue, S McVeigh; D O Maoileidigh, D Cullen; Gilmore G, McDermott R, Coulter D; Flynn D, Ryan R, Campbell R. Alternate: L McKinney for Ó Maoileidigh (63).

Roscommon – E lawless; W Ward, P Kelehan, C Coyle; Kelly P, Cosgrove C, Rooney H; B McGahon, C Coyle; Glynn D, Egan MJ, Kiernan E; B Mulry, C Kennelly, C Dolan. Substitutes: E Fitzgerald for Coyle (ht), N Connaughton for Kiernan (ht) J Martin for McGahon (60), A Donnelly for Rooney (64).

Ref – K Brady (Loud)


Fermanagh 2-31 Warwickshire 2-5

Sean Corrigan shot over 11 points as Fermanagh recorded their first Nickey Rackard Cup win with a comprehensive win over Warwickshire at Brewster Park.

John Collins had got the opening score of the contest for Warwickshire, but Fermanagh went on to take control with Tom Keenan driving into the net in the eighth minute as they moved from a 1-12 lead to 0-2 in the 26th minute.

Warwickshire scored a goal of their own when Padraic Creehan lobbed a long ball past Erne goalkeeper Mark Curry, but Fermanagh continued to score points with Corrigan, Barney McAuley and Luca McCusker on target.

The visitors scored a second goal when Kelvin McGee struck on goal but at half-time Fermanagh led 1-16 to 2-03.

The home team picked up the first seven points of the second half with Corrigan and Danny Teague between the points, while Warwickshire were reduced to 14 men following a red card for Anthony Hands after an off-the-ball clash.

Creehan recorded Warwickshire’s first goal of the second half in the 49th minute, but with Caolan Duffy firing in a second Fermanagh goal, the home side were victorious 2-31 to 2-5.

Top Scorers – Fermanagh: S Corrigan 0-11, Caolan Duffy 1-3, B McAuley 0-5 (5f), T Keenan 1-2, D Teague 0-4 (1f), L McCusker 0-2, R Bogue 0- 2 (1f), D Bannon 0-1, Ciaran Duffy 0-1. Warwickshire: P Creehan 1-2, J Collins 0-3 (3f), K McGee 1-0

Fermanagh-M Curry; Bannon D, Porteous R, Ciaran Duffy; A Flanagan, R Bogue, B Corrigan; D Teague, C McShea; L McCusker, B McAuley, C Breslin; T Keenan, S Corrigan, Caolan Duffy. Substitutes: O Johnston for Teague (52), B Duffy for Breslin (52), R McGurn for Bannon (57), B Teehan for Bogue (64), E Cleary for Keenan (67).

Warwickshire – P Hands; M Keane, O Coffey, A Manos; R Murray, N Eames, M Holland; J Collins, A Bannon; Hayes A, Creehan P, McGee K; A Hanley, J Grealish, C Dineen. Substitutes: D King for Keane (23), C Monahan for Hayes (52), P Sullivan for Dineen (68).

Ref Brian Keon


Tyrone 3-17 Armagh1-15

TYRONE extended his unbeaten streak in the Nickey Rackard Cup to three games with an eight-point victory over Armagh.

A hat-trick of goals from Tiarnan Murphy in the second half was the highlight of a spirited encounter at Páirc Colmcille.

Damian Casey, who finished with 10 points, launched the home team to a three-point lead early on, before Shea Harvey found the range to kick-start Orchard’s challenge.

Paddy McBride and Ryan Gaffney hit the mark for Armagh, before Harvey ran in to bury his shot and push Armagh ahead by two points.

Just before halftime, CJ McGourty and Casey had the teams tied 0-10 at 1-7 after scoring points to their name.

Murphy scored the first of his three goals in the 40th minute, and while Dean Gaffney kept Armagh in touch with set balls, Murphy completed his hat-trick in the 57th minute as Armagh suffered a third defeat and was knocked out of contention for the title.

Scorers – Tyrone: T Murphy 3-1; Casey D 0-10 (7f); R Slane 0-3; CJ McGourty 0-2; S Grogan 0-1. Armagh: S Harvey 1-3; D Gaffney 0-4 (3f, 1’65); P McBride 0-3; R Gaffney 0-2; E McGuinness, T Nevin, N Lennon 0-1 each.

Tyrone–C McElhatton; O McKee, L Devlin, R Devlin; D Begley, C Kearns, T Morgan; Grogan C, McGurk B; A Kelly, R Slane, CJ McGourty; T Murphy, D Casey, S Óg Grogan. Substitutes: D Rafferty for R Devlin, F Devlin for Kearns, R Weir for A Kelly, A Crossan for Slane, C Lagan for C Grogan.

Armagh – F Woods; C Rice, A McGuinness, P Quinn; S McKearney, K McKernan, D Bridges; N Lennon, P McBride; Nevin T, Gaffney D, Magee D; E McGuinness, R Gaffney, S Harvey. Substitutes: T O’Hare for Magee, S Toal for Bridges, N Curry for O’Hare, K Laverty for Harvey.

REF – T Conway (Derry)

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