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Tatiana Monko and her daughter Daryna were forced to flee their home in Bucza, in Ukraine’s kyiv Oblast, following Russia’s invasion, but were able to return last week. They discovered that her house had been ransacked and, despite the fact that Daryna’s prized autographed poster of her favorite band had been torn to shreds, she quickly wanted to get back to playing her beloved piano. However, when the young woman sat down and began to play, Tatiana noticed that her daughter’s trophies on top of the piano had moved.

When she lifted the lid of the instrument to look inside, the sick mother was horrified to find a VOG-25P grenade attached to the piano’s hammers.

The explosive was removed by Ukrainian bomb disposal experts.

A furious Tatiana launched a furious attack on the Russian troops, telling local media: “I want the whole world to know what these idiots are doing.

“At six years old he started singing and chess, last year he got fourth place in the regional chess tournament, he is still in the theater studio, he made cameos in television series and the last two years he started with the piano and the accordion.

“We don’t know how many of the most talented Ukrainian children will be at risk from this war, or how many of them were killed or kidnapped by the Russians.”

The mother added: “I feel that attention to the war and assistance to the Ukrainians has weakened.

“My Daryna sings, reads poetry, but the happy life she had has been ruined by the Russians.”

He called on the rest of the world to do everything to stop Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, urging more punishment aimed at crippling the country.

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“Thanks to the mother’s vigilance, no one was injured and the grenade was disarmed by specialists.”

Earlier on Friday, video from Ukraine’s military showed that its forces had destroyed parts of a Russian armored column as it tried to cross a river in the Donbass region.

Ukraine has been successful in expelling Russian troops from Kharkiv, although Moscow continues to shell towns north of the country’s second-largest city.

Kharkiv had been under fierce bombardment but has been relatively quiet for the past two weeks, with Ukraine now believed to control territory stretching to the Siverskyi Donets River some 25 miles to the east.

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