NBA criticizes Ben Simmons for missing Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics playoffs: Game 4 back injury

Officially, there is no sympathy left for Ben Simmons as NBA fans unleash the Aussie star after the latest twist in his sad saga.

Ben Simmons, who missed the entire 2021-22 NBA season, was listed by the Brooklyn Nets as an out for Tuesday’s Game 4 of their playoff series against Boston.

The Nets are about to be swept by the Celtics, losing 3-0 in the best-of-seven first-round matchup, but they were hoping Simmons could overcome the sore back that has sidelined him.

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The three-time All-Star, who hasn’t played since the Nets acquired him from the 76ers in a February trade for James Harden due to a herniated disc in his back, had targeted Game 4 as his return to the NBA after to join his teammates in practice over the last few days.

However, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Simmons woke up Monday with back pain again.

“The Nets and Ben Simmons expected him to be ready to play Monday (US time), but after walking onto the court yesterday, Simmons says he woke up today with a sore back,” Wojnarowski tweeted.

“In the end, the team and Simmons agreed that he will remain out for Game 4.”

The world reacts to the explosion of the Simmons saga

Sports Illustrated NBA insider Chris Mannix suggested that Simmons’ continued absence will not be viewed favorably by his new teammates.

“Kevin Durant is playing 46 minutes. Networks have no depth. And can’t Ben Simmons put in 10-15 minutes to help his team try to avoid elimination? This can’t be going right in the locker room,” Mannix tweeted.

Former NFL star Damien Woody tweeted: “This Ben Simmons fiasco is insane. As a brother… you have the whole offseason to deal with whatever you’re going through.”

American sportscaster Stephen A Smith unloaded on Simmons. “I feel bad for whoever his teammate is,” Smith told ESPN.

“He resigned from LSU. He resigned from the Philadelphia 76ers and is now not showing up for the Brooklyn Nets.

“We can point to all the excuses, all the reasons behind it that we want.

“I remember even though he didn’t play, he filed a claim to collect $20 million (from the 76ers) that he hasn’t earned. This is one of the most pathetic situations I have ever seen in my life.

“He will not go to war, he will not go to the Octagon (UFC), he will not go to the boxing ring. He is gritting his teeth getting this guy to play basketball.

“It’s pathetic, it’s sad.”

Former NBA player Darrick Martin was also scathing, writing on social media: “@BenSimmons25 has to be the biggest fraud in NBA history. It’s unfortunate that he’s part of the NBA fraternity of players. He definitely doesn’t love Hoop.”

NBA legend turned analyst Kendrick Perkins added: “Ben Simmons has officially completed the biggest heist in NBA history. He really stayed out for a whole season!”

Sam Vecenie of The Athletic said: “It’s hard to stress how disastrous this whole Ben Simmons situation has been handled, from the first day of training camp to the end of this season. Simply, the entirety of this is a mess. From him sitting around losing money to not-playing? Simply awful.

Sportswriter Aaron Torres said: “I’m glad we’ve finally gotten to the point where people are starting to call Ben Simmons exactly who he is. The guy quit one team and doesn’t even bother trying to play for another, all while he’s making $33 million in salary. The biggest waste of talent I’ve ever seen.”

Reggie Miller, who played in the NBA for nearly two decades, was another hit. “Come on man!!! Out for Game 4 when you were rumored to be making your debut. This guy has ZERO competitiveness (fire). As slim as the chance the Nets have of coming back in this series, they still you have KD and Kyrie all you need to do is win ONE game and go from there,” he tweeted.

The Celtics crush the star-studded Nets

Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have carried Boston to the brink of the second round, while Boston’s defensive effort has been able to shut down Brooklyn stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at crucial moments of the season. Serie.

Durant scored 16 points and shot the ball just 11 times in Game 3, while Irving also had 16 points. Critically, none of them were able to get involved in the fourth quarter.

The star-studded Nets that were supposed to be an unstoppable dynasty now look to be swept out of the playoffs.

When Brooklyn brought Irving, Kevin Durant, Griffin and Harden together, he was supposed to be invincible. Even with Harden traded and Simmons joining the team, Brooklyn was expected to be a championship contender.

But his season is on the verge of imploding, and Simmons won’t be on the court to do anything about it.

With AFP and Peter Botte, New York Post

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