“My dog ​​bit me 25 times, but the breed is safe and I even let them live with my children”


WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES: Stephanie Jones, 32, from near Swansea, South Wales, had two American Bullies and had to put one down after she maimed her, but insists every dog ​​is different and it’s not the breed.

Stephanie Jones pictured with her other pet, Cookie, who was not responsible for the attack.

The owner of a dog bitten 25 times in a horrific attack says the breed is not dangerous and lets her three young children get close to them.

Stephanie Jones put the six-month-old American Bully dog, named Chase, to sleep after the attack.

The 32-year-old woman was rushed to hospital, where she contracted cellulitis from a skin infection and had chunks of her arms missing.

But surprisingly, he claims that attacking all the Bullies with the same brush is wrong.

It comes as fatal attacks on people have spiked in recent months in the UK, which has led to Bullies, although not recognized by the Kennel Club as an official breed, being banned through the Dog Law. Dangerous.

Stephanie, from near Swansea, South Wales, said she should have seen the red flags when she bought the dog that mutilated her.

He had posted a post on Snapchat asking if anyone had a champagne-colored Bully he could buy.

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The mother was left with huge calibers out of her arms.


Stephanie Jones)

She had to be rushed to hospital after the attack.


Stephanie Jones)

She was put in touch with a breeder and went to pick up the 10-week-old cub in April last year, but was refused entry to her home, so she was unable to see his standard of living or meet his parents. Chase cost £3,000.

Stephanie told the Mirror: “He literally came to me in the car, put the puppy out the car window and promised to mail all the paperwork and I never received anything. I have learned my lesson.

He later spoke to people who knew the breeder and was told that he is not licensed and that there are “boxes upon boxes in the house of only confined dogs, used for breeding.”

After bringing Chase home, Stephanie noticed a large scar on his ear that the breeder told her must have been made by the dog’s mother.

Chase was purchased from a puppy farm and had to be euthanized after the attack.


Stephanie Jones)

Stephanie also got cellulitis from a skin infection.


Stephanie Jones)

Later the first night, the pup started having a seizure-like fit and she took him to an emergency vet.

“I videotaped this seizure-like thing he was having, sent it to the breeder and he asked if I wanted to trade the pup for another pup.” Stephanie explained. “Obviously, I told him no.”

She had agreed to pay Chase through a payment plan and was initially supposed to cost £4,000.

But the breeder agreed to reduce it to £3,000 due to the health issues he raised.

She began to hear more rumors about the breeder, including that he was breeding dogs from the same litters and questioned him about pending paperwork and proof of his license to breed.

“He sent me threatening voice calls and voicemails saying if I ever spoke to anyone about him, he knows where I live,” Stephanie said.

Later in the year, Chase suddenly went for the family’s Caviler King Charles Spaniel, Lola, and the two dogs have been kept apart ever since.

Then, in August, it was by Stephanie’s other Bully, Cookie, who was around 18 months old at the time, in front of her children, who are four, five and seven years old.

Stephanie’s other Bully protected her children during the attack


Stephanie Jones)

Stephanie came in and grabbed him by the neck.

“He went crazy, he bit me 25 times in the arms,” he said. “He put me in the hospital and both arms turned red, then I also got cellulite in the hospital.”

But Stephanie said that Cookie had only been interested in protecting the children during the attack and got between them and the aggressive dog.

She said: “I really think when you have these dogs that are not wired right, it’s down to breeding and how people breed them.

“My thing is that I raised both dogs the same way and if the whole breed is a danger, surely my other dog would have converted too, but he didn’t.”

Stephanie said that people are “shocked” that she stuck with Cookie after the attack, but insists: “You can’t attack them all with the same brush. She is literally my best friend. If I thought anything negative about this dog, I wouldn’t let her near my children.

“If there is anyone who should be against the Bullies, it should be me after what they have done to me. They are not all the same, 100 percent.”

In contrast, Cookie came from a “beautiful house” and Stephanie was invited in and given the paperwork on the spot.

The dog had also been microchipped and had all his shots.

Referring to when he bought Chase, he said: “It’s just ridiculous when I look back. I was very stupid.

“I should have thought about it more. I thought he was an adorable pup and took him home.”

Bullies were originally bred in the US before becoming increasingly popular across the Atlantic in recent years.

Pitbull Terriers themselves, as well as, confusingly, ‘Pitbull types’, are banned in Britain under the law.

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