More details about Andrew Symonds’ accident emerge as tributes from cricket’s greats arrive

New details have emerged of the accident that claimed the life of Australian cricket legend Andrew Symonds.

The former Test and Limited Test star was killed on Saturday night when his car skidded off the road and flipped in the Hervey Range, about 50km from Townsville.

Waylon Townson tried to save Symonds after hearing the crash and ran to the scene.

The tragic death of Andrew Symonds has resulted in an outpouring of grief throughout the cricket world.(Getty Images: Alex Goodlet)

“It was stuck in there, so I tried to get it out,” Townson told 9News.

“[I] I started CPR and checked his pulse, but I didn’t get much of a response.”

Another witness said Symonds was traveling with her two dogs, who apparently didn’t want to leave her side after the accident.

“One of them was very sensitive and didn’t want to leave it,” he said.

“He just growled at you every time we tried to move him or get close to him.”

Former teammates and rivals paid tribute to Symonds once news of his death became public.

“If Roy shook your hand, you had his word. That’s the kind of person he was and that’s why I always wanted him in my team,” former Australia test captain Ricky Ponting said.

“An extraordinary player and an even better human being. I can’t believe he is gone. Thoughts are with his family at this time.”

Indian spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, who was Symonds’ teammate on the Mumbai Indians in 2011, was struggling to process his death.

“Today I have lost my closest man,” he tweeted.

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