Mbappé creates a scandal with a “gray” message to Real Madrid and Paris

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The French star, Kylian Mbappe, sent the last mysterious message, before announcing his final decision on his future next season, commenting on the traditional question about his fate after the expiration of his contract. with Paris Saint-Germain, apart from his attendance at the Best Awards ceremony of the French Association.

The former Monaco player deliberately grabbed the stick in the middle and did not spoil his celebration of winning the French League’s best player award this season, unequivocally acknowledging that he had made the final decision about his future sometime after 30 of June. , 2022, but he preferred to postpone the disclosure of his decision at the right time, to avoid repeating what he did 3 years ago, when he indirectly revealed his great dream of playing for Real Madrid.

Mbappé said: “What I want is to participate in the ceremony, I don’t want to make a mistake in 2019, when I spoke about my future in the French League ceremony. In fact, I am not after glory or pride, but all.” You will know my decision as soon as possible, I assure you all. I made my decision, and soon I will announce everything.”

Despite his reservations about the moment of announcing his destination, either staying in the “Jardín de los Príncipes” or going to the “Santiago Bernabéu”, Radio “Monte Carlo” confirmed that he will officially announce his decision within two weeks at the latest. . , specifically before joining his country’s camp on May 28, without revealing any other details about the player’s decision.

As for the white media environment, he treated Mbappé’s statements as a “last farewell message” for the Parisian club and its fans, including the newspaper “Marca”, he said in a report entitled “Mbappé to Paris Saint-Germain: Everything has finished”. , that the future Galácticos, gave clear indications of the end of his relationship with the Ligue 1 giant, including the statement that his position on fulfilling his childhood dream, by wearing the white No. 7 jersey, has not yet changed. , with evidence that the message passed, revitalizing the memory of what he said at the same ceremony in 2019, that “he can stay in Paris or go to another project in the future.”

And the white newspaper supported his consistent vision for more than two years, citing the special part of his talk about the breaking of the historic striker of “PSG” Edinson Cavani, and translating it as evidence that the French Superstar was satisfied with what he received. presented. the rich man from the capital of love since his arrival at the “Garden of Princes” in the summer of 2017, the same for his collective titles with the team, noting that he hinted at his happiness with the ten championships he won in his experience with the club, so the next step will be to announce his departure from Paris Saint-Germain, in view of his signing for Real in a free transfer next season.

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