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NEWTON, MASS. (WHDH) – Mothers’ Milk Northeast has a freezer full of breast milk in store, ready to help moms in need.

Mothers’ Milk Northeast accepts donations from mothers who produce more milk than their babies need to thrive. After multiple examinations, tests and pasteurization, the milk is shipped, primarily to babies in neonatal intensive care units at more than 100 hospitals, but also to anxious parents amid a national shortage of baby formula.

“When our supply allows, (we’ve) been able to support parents with small amounts of donor milk coming forward and we want to be helpful and supportive in that way,” said Deborah Youngblood, executive director of Mothers’ Milk Northeast. . “We’ve heard from parents who are rightly very concerned and are looking for additional resources to help feed their babies.”

Formula shortages across the country are due to a winter safety recall, with a major plant operated by formula maker Abbott still closed, other manufacturers have said they are producing at full capacity, but it’s still not enough to satisfy the demand.

As stores impose limits on formula purchases and parents face empty store shelves, more breastfeeding mothers have stepped up to fill the gaps.

Youngblood said the immediate focus now must be on solving the shortage, but going forward, the crisis has shone a spotlight on the need for additional resources for new moms.

“One of the things that we don’t talk about enough in this country is how can we better support moms who might be willing, able and functioning to have their babies breastfeed,” she said.

He said that includes investments in lactation consultants, best practices in the workplace and family support for whatever feeding method a mother chooses.

“We don’t need more stigma,” he said. “We need more choices and options for parents who work for them to take care of their babies.”

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