Lisa Marie Presley Allegedly ‘Struggling,’ Upset With Daughter Riley Keough, Insider Claims

is Lisa-Marie Presley is plagued by grief and family feuds? One tabloid claims the singer is barely holding it together, and it’s starting to drive her daughter Riley Keough away. Here’s the latest gossip about Elvis Presley’s clan.

Riley Keough ‘Caught In The Middle’ Of Drama?

thisweek, Star reports Lisa Marie Presley can’t catch a break. Apparently, her relationship with her with her half-brother with her Navarone Garibaldi has grown increasingly contentious over the years. Back in 2017, Garibaldi slammed Presley in a profanity-filled Instagram post. Then in 2020, Garibaldi was nowhere to be seen at the memorial for Presley’s late son, Ben Keough. And now, it looks like they never made up since Presley didn’t attend Garibaldi’s wedding in February.

“She refused to go to her half-brother’s wedding,” an insider dishes. “It’s no secret she and the groom don’t get along, and they have a bumpy past.” But sources say the stress of their ongoing feud is compounded by Presley’s grief. “She’s had a rough couple of years and it’s taken a toll on her emotional stability from her,” the tipster reveals. And now, Presley is leaning hard on her daughter, Riley Keough, for support.

“Lisa Marie calls her nonstop… She wants Riley to be more vocal about sticking up for her,” the snitch whispers. But she hasn’t taken much of a stance on her de ella and Garibaldi’s feud. Apparently, Riley even commented a series of heart emojis on her uncle’s wedding pictures of her. “Riley loves her mom, but she does not agree with how she ices people out of her life—even close relatives. She’s caught in the middle,” the insider concludes.

Riley Keough Trying To ‘Keep The Peace’?

It’s odd that the tabloid claims to have such intimate knowledge about such a private family. While we can neither confirm nor deny any of these rumors of tension, it would be safe to take them with a healthy dose of skepticism. For Navarone Garibaldi’s side of things, it doesn’t look like he’s talked about Lisa Marie Presley since 2017 when things were clearly contentious between the two. And since we have no reason to think they made up, it’s only logical to assume there’s still tension there, even if they aren’t talking about it.

But the rumors about Riley Keough are total speculation. From what we can tell, Keough has no animosity towards any of her family members of her. And judging from this snap Keough shared last summer, Keough and Presley are still close.

But it looks like Keough’s career is her main focus right now since the actress has had some major successes in recent years. In 2021, the California native had a lead role in the critically acclaimed Zolaand she was recently set to star in the highly-anticipated Daisy Jones and the Six series.

The Tabloids On Lisa Marie Presley

We have plenty of experience fielding false reports about Elvis Presley’s daughter, and they all center around the same themes. last year, OKAY! reported Lisa Marie Presley was concerning fans with her appearance. Then the National Enquirer alleged Presley was triggering health fears as fans worried she had “one foot in the grave.” And the Globe even claimed Presley was moving back to Graceland after recent tragedies. Clearly, the tabloids aren’t too concerned with fact-checking when it comes to Lisa Marie Presley.

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