Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman Suffers Stroke and Remains Hospitalized for Observation

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman suffered a stroke on Friday, according to a statement issued by Fetterman at the hospital.

“I wasn’t feeling well, but I was so focused on the campaign that I ignored the signs and moved on,” Fetterman said in the statement. “On Friday it finally caught up with me. I had a stroke caused by a clot in my heart that was in an atrial fibrillation rhythm for too long.”

Fetterman said doctors were able to quickly remove the clot and reverse the stroke and get his heart under control.

“It’s a good reminder to listen to your body and be aware of the signals,” Fetterman said.

Fetterman said his campaign for the United States Senate is not slowing down.

“Our campaign isn’t slowing down one bit, and we’re still on track to win this primary on Tuesday and flip this Senate seat in November. Thanks for all the support, and please get out there and vote,” he said.

Fetterman is still in the hospital for observation at this time.

State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta, who is running against Fetterman for the vacant seat in the US Senate, issued the following statement:

“As I said in the first debate, John Fetterman is an amazing family man. My prayers are with him and his family as he recovers from this stroke. I hope to see him back soon on the campaign trail.”


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