Letter from the reader: This is not the time to relax protections against COVID-19

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Recently, the latest COVID-19 death toll in one day was reported to be six in the Windsor-Essex County region.

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We have been warned of the consequences of this new sub-variant, but it apparently fell on deaf ears as people hope to block out the truths about the BA-2.

I keep constantly seeing people in stores without masks or PPE.

Scientists have predicted that this new subvariant is much more contagious than the previous ones, up to ten times more than the Delta. However, they felt that the death toll would not be as significant. Most of the cases reported only mild symptoms, while some suffered severe reactions.

But what I’ve been seeing is a trend that should be a growing concern for everyone.

For the most part, I have decided to stay home, be safe and vigilant, as science does not lie. I have been documenting this pandemic since the first week of its existence and I believe that this latest variant is also claiming many lives.

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Not only is there a higher rate of transmission, but our sewage shows signs of up to 20 times the reported numbers of having contracted the virus. So many people don’t even know they’re infected and they spread it through the community.

I realize everyone is sick of hearing about this pandemic and I wish it would end.

But I think no one should take off their masks yet. Just look at the data and then tell me to get off my soapbox.

I want nothing more than for all of us to survive this moment in our history. We all need to be vigilant if we want to get out of this. It won’t happen without our full cooperation.

How many more must die before we take our hands off our ears and listen to the medical experts?

Jerome Berthiaume, Windsor.

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