Legal balance in the Mbappé deal!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

Sources close to the International Football Association “FIFA” revealed that Real Madrid must notify Paris Saint-Germain “in writing” of the start of negotiations with the young star Kylian Mbappé, and its intention to hire him, and this means that If Real Madrid terminates the agreement with the French striker, before June 30, it must notify the Paris Club in writing.
And the Goal Global website, citing these sources, stated that the third paragraph of article 18 of the FIFA regulations, regarding player transfers, stipulates this, and the website quoted the text of the article that says: Yes a club wishes to enter into a contract with a professional player, they must notify their current club in writing of their wish, before starting negotiations with the player, and that any professional player is free to contract with any other club if their contract with their club current has expired, or expires in 6 months.
And the site quoted sports law attorneys as saying the risks or notice are sufficient to end negotiations for a player whose contract expires within 6 months, in other words, if Saint-Germain received or actually received such notice, would be cannot in any way prevent Mbappé from negotiating with the riyal, or even signing a contract according to it, and this is a legal issue that the riyal must take into account, but it will in no way lead to stopping the signing of the player . .
Another option -and speaking with specialized lawyers- is to wait until the first day of July to close the deal, in which case the riyal will be in the process of negotiation with a free player, who has no contract in force with any club. , that is, a “free agent”, as he is called, and at that time, the riyal will not be obliged to notify Saint Germain of anything, and this declaration applies to all players who move from one club to another at the end of their contracts, and not just Mbappé.

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