Lakers great Jerry West rips HBO and Adam McKay’s ‘Time to Win’ – Deadline

Jerry West only won one NBA championship in his career with the Lakers, but the hall-of-fame player-turned-general manager was so respected in the league that he created the organization’s logo in his image. Now “the Logo,” as he is admiringly called, is not happy with his portrayal in the HBO series. winning timeaccording to multiple reports.

In a letter purportedly sent to HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery and executive producer Adam McKay, West’s attorneys contend winning time “It falsely and cruelly portrays Mr. West as an intoxicated, out-of-control rage addict. The Jerry West in winning time He doesn’t look like the real man.”

Many have said as much, including Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his Showtime-era teammates Michael Cooper and Jamaal Wilkes, as well as West’s successor, former Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, who wrote testimonials that were sent with West’s letter.

Jason Clarke, who plays West on the show, certainly excites the competitive fire West is said to have in spades, but the show’s plot has him frowning and angry much of the time, furiously smashing his golf club into the first episode and snuggling. in a fetal position (in underwear) in a fit of despair in the second.

“He never broke golf clubs, he never threw his trophy out the window. Sure, those actions create dramatic moments, but they reek of easy man exploitation rather than character exploration,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote in his statement, according to ESPN.

While West only won one championship as a player with the Lakers, as a team executive, largely as a general manager, West helped bring five championships to Los Angeles in the ’80s (the winning time era) and laid the groundwork for three more in the early 2000s by recruiting a high school Kobe Bean Bryant.

“The real Jerry West took pride in treating people with dignity and respect,” the letter says. “winning time it is an unfounded and malicious attack on the character of Jerry West. You reduced the legacy of an 83-year-old legend and role model to that of an unprofessional, vulgar thug, the polar opposite of the real man.”

In the communication, West demands a “retraction, apology and damages from HBO,” according to ESPN.

Deadline reported that the series has been picked up for a second season.

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