Kid Cudi Confirms His ‘Last Song’ With Kanye West: ‘Not My Friend’

Kid Cudi announced on Twitter that a song from Pusha T’s upcoming album, it’s almost dryit will be his last song with kanye-west.

Cudi and Kanye had a public fight in recent weeks after Kanye deleted Cudi’s contributions on his donda 2 release. Cudi is friends with saturday night live star pete davidsonwho is now in a high-profile relationship with Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye co-produced with Pharrell the new Pusha T song featuring Cudi.

“Hey! I know some of you heard about the song I got [with] Pusha,” Cudi wrote on his Twitter page.

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Kid Cudi announced on Twitter that a song from Pusha T’s upcoming album, It’s Almost Dry, will be his last song with Kanye West. (Getty Images for Belvedere)

“I made this song a year ago when it was still cool [with] Kanye. i’m not cool [with] That man. He is not my friend and I only cleared the song for Pusha. [because] That’s my boy. This is the last song you’ll ever hear me on. [with] Kanye.”

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After Kanye announced Cudi’s removal from donda 2, proceeded to post anti-Cudi images on his Instagram page. One photo showed Kanye around a table with Cudi, Davidson and Timothee Chalamet. kanye put an “X” on everyone’s face except Chalamet’s. Kanye also Photoshopped the poster for Captain America: Civil War and represented Davidson, Cudi and Kardashian as an opposing team.

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Cudi answered the moment Kanye dropped it from donda 2 commenting on social media: “Too bad I don’t want to be on your album you fucking dinosaur lol everyone knows I’ve been the best of your albums since I met you. [I will] pray [for you] brother.”

Pusha T’s it’s almost dry will be released on April 22.

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