Johnson apologizes for violating public stone rules

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized to the House of Commons for breaching lockdown rules he imposed in the UK, stressing that it had not occurred to him at the time that he was doing something wrong.

Bloomberg News reported that Johnson had paid a fine for attending a Downing Street event on his birthday in June 2020 and could face fines.
In addition, the London Metropolitan Police have completed their investigation into dozens of gatherings inside government buildings during lockdowns imposed due to the Corona virus during
the last two years.

Johnson said: “It did not occur to me then or later that a meeting in the Cabinet Room, before a fateful meeting on strategy to deal with Covid-19, might be possible.
It is equivalent to breaking the rules”, in an attempt to explain why he had previously said that the rules were not broken.

“It was a mistake I made and I apologize unreservedly for that,” Johnson added.

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