Johnny Cash Mural Leaks From Raw Spot After Arkansas Water Tower Shot

An Arkansas town is upset after someone shot a hole in their water tower in a very specific and unfortunate location.

The water tower in Kingsland, the birthplace of Johnny Cash, has a painted silhouette of the famous Man in Black, but an unknown person recently took careful aim at Cash’s crotch and pulled the trigger. Now the mural is perpetually seeping from there, a video shared May 11 by the Cleveland County Herald shows.

Kingsland, with a population of about 400, is located 72 miles south of Little Rock.

Betty Graham, manager of the water bureau, told the Herald it could take up to a week to repair the damage.

She saw the leak when she walked into the office early that morning, but assumed it was a “routine overflow” until dawn, when the cold light of day revealed the rough-and-tumble vandal’s handiwork, the Herald reported. Kingsland spent nearly $300,000 last year to upgrade the water tower.

“Someone here knows who did this,” read one comment. “I hope they come forward and hand over the vandal.”

“This is terrible. If they find out who he was, they must give him the ultimate punishment. This is the livelihood of the people, their source of water,” said another.

While they did not condone the vandalism, some felt the perpetrator displayed a degree of panache.

“I shouldn’t have, but as far as creativity goes, it’s top notch,” read one comment.

Seeing damage to the newly renovated water tower is nothing to laugh about, Graham said in a Facebook post.

“People think it’s funny, but a lot of work and effort went into getting the grant to paint this,” Graham said. “It’s sad that someone could do this. Please, if anyone heard the shot and knows the time or went out last night and saw something suspicious, let me or someone at the Water Department or the Sheriff’s Department know.”

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