Jodie Comer Beats Kate Winslet for Lead Actress – Deadline

Channel 4 To help star Jodie Comer has beaten Kate Winslet and it’s a sin Lydia West at the lead actress gong at the BAFTA TV Awards.

Written by Jack Thorne, To help told the story of the UK nursing home crisis at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with killing eve the Comer star alongside BAFTA-nominated Stephen Graham, who lost to Sean Bean previously.

She beat out Winslet, who was nominated for a starring role on Sky Atlantic. Easttown Mare, and breakoutWest, with It’s a sin losing for the third time at tonight’s ceremony in London.

Comer thanked Channel 4 for “believing in the script from the start”, Graham and Thorne for “integrity, passion and completely changing my point of view and priorities on the work I want to do in the future”.

Eating also won tricks Niamh Algar and Too close duet Emily Watson and Denise Gough to the grand prize. She has been and has been nominated for killing eve in the past.

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