Jessica Chastain probs skipping Oscars red carpet to attend presentation of 8 cut categories: ohnotheydidnt — LiveJournal

Best Actress frontrunner Jessica Chastain (The Eyes of Tammy Faye) recently revealed she’ll considering skipping most/all of the Oscars red carpet so she can attend the pre-show or whatever fucking joke it is, where eight “below the line” Oscars will be handed out before the live telecast next Sunday.

She specifically singled out Makeup/Hairstyle as her movie’s nominated in it. She said:

“I will absolutely be present when the makeup category is being called, and if that means I’m not doing press on the red carpet for ABC or whatever it is, then so be it. The most important thing for me is to honor the incredible artisans who work in our industry.”

“So much attention is on the actor. We’re like the face in some way because you go to a movie and see us. But a lot of people don’t understand how beyond an actor a performance is.”


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