James Ashby could face a $4.5 million debt to the government

With the words below, it seems like Kismet and James Ashby might finally have met.

This decision, in the case of Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia, was drafted by Federal Court Justices Katzmann, Abraham and Goodman on April 12, 2002, just days before ten long years since the news first broke turn Ashby’s sexual accusations against House Speaker Peter. Slipper on April 21, 2012.

IA has closely followed the development of this scam and a full picture can be found on its pages.

The last update was on July 29, 2021, just after Ashby was turned down for his request that the Government find a way to take care of his alleged $4,537,000 legal bill.

Ashby appealed this decision on four grounds, three of which were denied and one deferred for consideration.

Imminent date for James Ashby debt decision

A decision will soon be made on whether or not to add to the already massive legal debt racked up by One Nation’s James Ashby.

Your Lordships considered it until April 12, 2022 when they denied the fourth ground with two sentences that no applicant wants to hear: ‘the appeal must be dismissed with costs’ and ‘there will be orders accordingly’.

The word alleged is used in conjunction with Ashby’s legal bill because on April 10, 2012:

So who really knows who owes whom how much?

But if James really is in the bind for $4.5 million, plus the costs of his latest foray, the implications for One Nation are profound.

I guess Ashby would have done pretty well in his time with Pauline Hanson. Plane, nice car with “ASHBY” plates, that kind of thing.

He has rich friends, he has established a family, he has (or at least had) a side business in the printing industry called Black Bull. I’m guessing he owns property, plus he earns a fair amount of money at his day job, so he could possibly put up the money if he needed it.

But its a lot. And we’re talking about James Ashby here, a man Judge Rares found to have misused the judicial system for his own ends, a man with a criminal conviction for threatening a rival with violence, so anything is possible.

The brilliant career of James Ashby

That James Ashby is still close to Australian politics is incredible.

Remember Ashby’s lack of control when he tried to punch poor Brian Burston in the Great Hall?

Ashby still has debts to call from the Coalition cabal behind the “get Slipper” plot: someone or bodies still owe Ashby a lot. Now that his appeal process for free money from the government is exhausted, it might be time for Ashby to issue the payment network.

Because Ashby is Hanson’s chief of staff and the Svengali heart of One Nation, the Party will become inextricably involved in his machinations to deal with this cost burden.

Things will get tense.

Of course, it’s possible that Ashby could go bankrupt, have his wages garnished and his possessions dumped on the street. But it is unlikely.

Whatever the outcome, One Nation will be further compromised when Ashby accepts his obligations imposed by the Federal Court.

These cannot be escaped.

Research Editor Ross Jones is the National Coordinator for FIN and a candidate for the NSW Senate. Ross is also a Licensed Private Investigative Agent and the author of ‘Ashbygate: The Plot to Destroy Australia’s Speaker’. Follow Ross Jones on Twitter @RPZJones.

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