Indian Pet Food will be available in Australia when Drools starts new entries in Australia

New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI/NewsVoir): Among the main products that the brand will export are Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food in multiple flavors and Absolute Calcium Bone. Drools will be distributed in the Australian market through Arka Global, an established FMCG supplier in the country. Pet food, by the way, will be a new product category in Arka Global’s portfolio.

Drools will make its Australian debut in Sydney before establishing a presence in other cities. The entry into Australia is part of an expansion strategy by Drools to increase its presence beyond Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

“Australia is one of the largest and most lucrative economies in the world. Expanding into this market allows us to unlock new global opportunities and scale internationally. Working on import licensing and compliance required by the Australian government has been a learning curve for us.” as These processes will now give us a head start on our expansion plans for Europe and the US,” commented Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO of Drools Pet Food Private Limited.

Swaroop Babu, Director of Arka Global, the Australian distributor of Drools, shared, “Arka Global is pleased to announce that we are successfully partnering with the leading pet food brand, Drools in Australia. With over three decades of experience in nutrition animal and a wide range of healthy pet products, Drools has grown from a local brand to one of the fastest growing international brands. While studying the market in Australia, Arka Global found a potential gap when it came to food “What we seek to offer the Australian market is high quality ingredients at competitive prices, and Drools distinguishes itself by offering clean ingredients including real chicken and fish, giving customers the confidence that they are buying a quality product.” said Babu, adding: “With a market size five times that of India, we are excited to launch Drools in Australia this year.” In Australia, the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment issues pet food import permits. The applicant, or, in this case, the importer, must submit the application and provide all compliance details, manufacturing plant and process, product details, and quality control measures, as required. The evaluation process includes an audit check of the manufacturing process to ensure products are safe and standardized.

After the Australian market, Drools aims to start operations in New Zealand and parts of Europe in the second quarter of 2022. Growth expansion will continue to be the strategy in the coming years, with a focus on capturing newer markets, building a larger market share. and scale profits, to further maximize impact and consolidate the brand’s position in the industry.

Drools, India’s only multinational pet food company established in 2010 by Fahim Sultan, is the flagship brand of Drools Pet Food Private Limited. Over the last decade, the brand has become the second largest company in the pet nutrition sector in India. With a workforce of 1,200 employees, Drools retails on all major e-commerce platforms and is available from over 30,000 outlets in India, with a presence in 18 countries.

As a leading manufacturer of specialty pet foods, Drools aims to provide a complete and balanced diet that provides maximum nutritional value. The brand prides itself on being self-sufficient, with the entire range of products manufactured at in-house production facilities. The main ingredient in all products is 100% real chicken, without the use of by-products or fillers, in keeping with the slogan: ‘Feed real, feed clean’. All products contain organic minerals and essential oils and are free of artificial colors and flavors. They also undergo strict quality controls. The company has been able to successfully create synergies in researching, manufacturing, distributing and branding its products profitably. The production facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified and in sync with world standards. The plant uses German machinery and a vacuum coating process to ensure the food is top quality.

The brand understands the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet for growing pets, which is why its in-house team maintains quality controls, while the American veterinarians and nutritionists who formulate the product guarantee superior quality food. Due to the time invested in extensive research, Drools ensures a consistent flavor, better digestibility and greater absorption in all its products. In addition, the products promote muscle development, improve immunity, strengthen bones and maintain joint health. As a company, Drools is committed to providing the right foundation for pets through nutrition and diet, and ensuring their longevity.

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