India Arie highlights black music vs. Culture after Jack Harlow found out about Brandy and Ray J’s family ties

jack harlow got a family tree lesson during his recent appearance on Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning. The artist went viral after learning that Brandy and Ray J are brothers while playing a ’90s R&B guessing game. Reactions to the moment ranged from shock to disappointment and even cookout invitation jokes. . indian arie caught the interview and seemed less than amused in a series of posts made to her Insta Story.

“Just because you do Black [music] doesn’t mean you know black culture,” India wrote. “If you don’t know Brandy’s voice when you hear it… WHO ARE YOU?”

Jack Harlow discovers that Brandy and Ray J are brothers

For context, Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez played Brandy’s hit song from 1999. angel in disguise Jack initially assumed the voice belonged to the late Aaliyah, but the hosts quickly shut down their answer before giving any additional clues.

Peter said, “Your brother is the reason a lot of people are famous.” Ebro continued with: “His brother had an incredible sex tape.” At which point, Jack responded, “Who is Ray J’s sister?” As the hosts of the show laughed, Jack had a clueless facial expression. After confirming the relationship between Brandy and Ray J, he stated, “No one has ever said that to me in my life.”

India Arie Apparently Criticizes Jack Harlow For Not Recognizing Brandy’s Voice

India Arie continued to insist on her point of doing black culture versus knowing culture. She turned to Jack who didn’t recognize Brandy’s voice and, by extension, her influence in the music industry. India also highlighted that Brandy is reduced to being Ray J’s sister, rather than the iconic singer and actress she is culturally known for.

“When a real musician! Who makes MUSIC Black! Deduct one of the MOST IMPORTANT VOICES in the industry! @brandy to Ray J’s SISTER? who is famous (mainly) for his proximity to Kim Kardashian,” India wrote.

India spoke about Brandy’s musical influence to close her criticism.

“And we HEAR the influence of @brandy Eh-VER-REE-WHERE! LOTS of non-black singers (ask them). Even MALE singers. AND DO PEOPLE KNOW RAY J BETTER? the STUPID shit. STUPID,” wrote India.

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