Independent Boothby candidate Jo Dyer accused of campaigning in a disabled parking spot

An independent candidate running for South Australia’s most marginal seat is making headlines for the wrong reasons.

With just days to go before Election Day, an independent candidate in one of South Australia’s most fringe federal seats is in hot water over a disabled parking space.

Boothby candidate Jo Dyer has been accused of parking her pink campaign van, adorned with her face and name, in a disabled parking space in front of a crucial voting booth.

As reported by The Advertiser, Ms. Dyer was photographed running around her van parked in a handicapped space outside a voting booth in Daw Park.

However, the independent candidate has dismissed claims she was “parked” and insisted she stopped only to drop off some campaign materials for a volunteer.

“It’s not really a story. It wasn’t parked. I was there for 40 seconds, the engine was still running and the keys were in the ignition. It’s ridiculous,” he told The Advertiser.

“This is a liberal volunteer trying to make a headline, it’s just ridiculous.”

Ms. Dyer said that other candidates would corroborate her version of events, which happened because there is no room left in the voting booth to allow her to pause and continue.

The outgoing director of Adelaide writers’ week is fighting for a voice in Boothby’s Adelaide venue, which is the most marginal venue in South Australia with a margin of just 1.4 per cent. The hotly contested seat has been a Liberal stronghold for 73 years, but polls suggest that could all change on Saturday.

Ms Dyer is up against Liberal candidate Rachel Swift and Labor opponent Louise Miller-Frost for the battleground seat.

This is not the first controversy to disrupt Ms Dyer’s campaign, after a dual citizenship scare nearly derailed her political bid in the early stages. There were delays in her renouncing her British citizenship due to Covid, but the necessary proof from her cleared The Independent to apply.

Before her decision to contest the state’s most marginal seat, Ms. Dyer also spoke out as an advocate for the late woman who brought sexual assault allegations against former Attorney General Christian Porter.

Ms Dyer told The Advertiser she would be “disappointed” if allegations of disabled parking spaces were used as weapons in the media. She will continue to campaign across the Boothby constituency in the crucial final week of the election.

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