I worked at Michael Kors – secret employees can’t tell you about the bag you should NEVER buy.

DESIGNER bags come with a hefty price tag, but fashionistas justify the cost by pointing to the quality of construction and high-end materials.

One former employee claims that during her time at Michael Kors, staff members were not allowed to share what an exclusive design that was often assumed to be leather was actually made of.


Former Michael Kors employee claims Signature Logo bags are not what they seemCredit: tiktok
The woman shared a photo of the bags that customers assume are leather.


The woman shared a photo of the bags that customers assume are leather.Credit: tiktok

The former employee, who uses only her initials, ML, on social media, made the disclosure in response to a TikTok tip about employee secrecy.

“I used to work for this well-known company called Michael Kors,” ML recounted. “We weren’t allowed to say one thing: their Michael Kors logo bags are fake.”

In the comments, the former employee clarified what she meant by describing the bags as “fake”: that they are “high-quality plastic, not leather.”

On the Michael Kors website, the materials listed on the items bearing the firm’s logo don’t mention leather: the bags are made of coated canvas, polyester, cotton, and polyurethane, depending on the brand.

Sharing an image of a bag bearing the firm’s logo, ML pointed to the printed design, which featured the initials “MK” repeated over and over.

“If you see something with that pattern, it’s fake [leather]”ML said.

He also insisted that employees were not allowed to mention the materials to customers in the store.

“We weren’t allowed to say that,” ML claimed. “You want them to think you’re paying for a high-quality bag, but it’s high-quality plastic.”

The Sun has contacted Michael Kors for comment on the store’s policies regarding the Signature Logo line.

In the comments section, some were shocked by the reveal, while others refuted the original poster’s claim.

“We were DEFINITELY allowed to say it wasn’t leather,” argued another former employee.

“It’s coated canvas. Just because it’s ‘plastic’ doesn’t mean it’s cheap,” he added.

And some said that the materials were not the reason behind the price.

“You’re obviously paying for the name,” one viewer wrote.

“I work at Ross. Makes sense why we always have these bags and belts,” one commenter said.

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When asked by commenters, the original poster confirmed that she no longer works at Michael Kors, and that she now tends to seek out small, local brands when shopping for handbags.

“I prefer my handmade natural leather bag,” ML wrote.

The Michael Kors website clearly lists the materials of the bags.


The Michael Kors website clearly lists the materials of the bags.Credit: Getty

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