Hundreds of people march through downtown Chicago to protest the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion Roe v. Wade

CHICAGO (CBS) — Protesters filled the streets of downtown Chicago after a leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision The right judges will overturn the landmark decision on abortion rights in Roe v. Wade.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Federal Plaza on Saturday afternoon, holding banners that read “abortion is a human right” and “women will not go backwards, we will fight.”

“We need to remain a safe state for all those people in other states who can’t get abortions,” said Gina Rozman-Wendle of Chicago NOW.

“This can’t happen,” Sholo Beverly said. “We’re standing. That’s all I can say.”

“I started getting involved in this fight when I was a teenager,” said Debby Pope of the Chicago Teachers Union. “I had an illegal abortion in a doctor’s basement office in Pittsburgh when I was 17, and the struggle is both personal and political for me.”

A smaller group held up banners about Jesus and prayer and urged people to stand up for unborn children.

“Each and every person here, their mother made the decision to have them,” said one speaker.

“It is not right to take a person’s life,” said Xavion Meyer. “That is an involuntary sacrifice.”

The clash of opinions became apparent as the pro-choice crowd began its march from the plaza. They then spread their message through The Loop.

But first, Governor JB Pritzker spoke to the crowd about how he says the ending of Roe v. Wade could affect Illinois.

“Like you, I’m proud that Illinois is an island for reproductive freedom in the Midwest, but our shores are open to anyone left behind by these extremist politicians,” he said.

Several activists at Saturday’s protest said they expect and prepare for an influx of people from out of state seeking abortions in Illinois.

Of course, the Supreme Court has not yet voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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