How to pay traffic fines in Dubai without visiting the Department of Traffic

Did you get a parking ticket or ticket for a traffic law violation? You can pay your traffic fines in Dubai without visiting the traffic department, unless you are specifically instructed to come in person.

How to pay traffic fines in Dubai

Ministry of the Interior website: The Ministry of the Interior has a centralized federal payment system that allows residents to check fines issued in any emirate. Drivers must provide their license plate number or driver’s license information.

Payments can also be made through the Home Office mobile app via Apple iTunes or Google Play.

RTA website:Drivers can also check Dubai traffic and Salik fines on the Highways and Transport Authority website. The form asks motorists to enter information about their licenses or vehicles to verify tickets.

In Dubai, a traffic code (or TC number) is required to access the system, which provides accurate results for all vehicles registered in a person’s name.

Dubai Police website: Residents can visit the Dubai Police website to check and pay their traffic fines.

The Dubai Police mobile app for paying traffic fines is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Dubai app now: Another app to streamline payments is Smart Dubai Government’s DubaiNow app, available for iPhone and Android platforms.

Mobile payment application: Dubai Smart Government’s mPay app allows residents to pay traffic fines, Salik charges and utility bills. The app can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play for free.

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