How about reality is closing the gap between virtual and physical reality

The world has evolved dramatically over the years, with so many new technologies redefining the way we operate. We’ve seen a lot of progress with the metaverse changing the way we work, play, and even conduct important business transactions. But the evolution is far from over, especially with major AR platforms like about reality.

Over the Reality (OVER) is a cutting-edge AR platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is now bridging the gap between the virtual world and reality. It is the first content browser where, instead of you as a user choosing your preferred content, the world presents possible experiences based on your geographic position.

This allows you to live interactive and personalized augmented reality experiences for the real world. According to the experts behind Over the Reality, their goal is to build a world where creativity is encouraged while introducing various innovations that will help drive the open metaverse community forward.

Over the Reality is a platform that spans the globe, giving people the opportunity to imagine, create and sell experiences for B2B and B2C. They encourage creativity and collaboration among their users as they bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

OVER’s unique platform and unique approach have allowed it to cement its place in the industry while revolutionizing others. OVER is changing the monetization of digital content, the monetization of digital experience, digital advertising and P2P jobs while giving its users the opportunity to increase their income.

Its decentralized digital layer allows users to create never-before-seen geolocated experiences, merging the physical and virtual worlds through augmented reality. OVER allows users to create unique personal avatars, which they will use to join the AR metaverse, opening the door to endless exploration and opportunities to meet new people.

As stated by the team, their main focus at OVER is to introduce different innovations that will help the open metaverse community as they provide users with a mobile device or smart glasses. These innovations will include the development of an unstoppable decentralized open source platform managed by the community with its own currency and ecosystem, buying and selling digital assets such as land.

OVER is also looking to develop a combined tracking system that uses GPS, computer vision algorithms and on-board inertial systems. This will help bridge the gap between the virtual world and reality and bring the user experience to a new state-of-the-art outdoor AR. OVER has subdivided its platform into different categories, making sure that it caters to all sides. Over the Reality is made up of: OVER Marketplace, OVER Lands, OVER Experience, OVER Adv and OVER Ecosystem. They have also recently listed their OVER token on Kucoin among other global exchanges.

As Over the Reality grows, its cutting-edge AR platform is taking the world into the metaverse and bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. Their amazing innovations are helping both B2B and B2C and giving creators a platform to showcase their skills.

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