Guild 22, Hong Kong’s First Blockchain Gaming Guild, Begins Operations

  • Gamified finance is gaining traction and the blockchain gaming industry is experiencing strong growth, with a value reaching HK$78 billion.
  • Offers free workshops and seminars to promote and democratize blockchain gaming on May 22, Guild Day 22
  • Blockchain and Game-Fi Expert Ronald Chiu Offers Tips for Playing and Winning in the place

HONG KONG SAR – media reach – May 20, 2022 – Playing video games is an investment today as gamers can play to win throughout the process. Hong Kong’s first blockchain gaming guild “Guild 22” has started operations and May 22 has been scheduled as “Guild 22 Day”. The guild is launching a three-day event from May 20-22 at Metacade located on Russell Street, Causeway Bay.

The “Guild 22 Blockchian Game-Fi Experience Days” event is the first large-scale public function of Guild 22. Ronald Chiu, founder of Guild 22 and Game-Fi pioneer from Hong Kong, will attend the event to present the roadmap of the guild to gaming enthusiasts and offers the public free consulting services on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Game-Fi and NFT.

Game-Fi has become very popular in recent years. Guild 22, officially established in December 2021, is made up of a team of experts who have deep knowledge and experience in cryptocurrencies and finance, and a group of passionate young gamers. Until now, Guild 22 has invested more than HK$10 million in program development and digital assets. It also strives to attract like-minded gamers to become members, hoping to expand the circle of gamers.

Guild 22 currently offers a variety of popular games including Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Cyball, CEBG, DefiLand, Splinterlands, STEPN to name a few. He has a deep understanding of the blockchain and Game-Fi economy.

Ronald Chiu, one of the founders of Guild 22 and a Game-Fi pioneer from Hong Kong, said: “The play to win model emerged from the Southeast Asian market, where many gamers earn up to three times more than their jobs. . Because to the differences in living standards, playing to win has not yet made a big impact in Hong Kong.However, as the STEPN hands-on game has gained popularity, in addition to the AAA games to be released, many advanced players start to focus on the combination of the traditional gaming industry and blockchain technology, bringing economic change to the gaming industry.”

It is unimaginable to earn more than HK$10,000 per month as blockchain games gain popularity around the world.

Ronald reveals that there will be several pillars when it comes to the future development of Guild 22, including game testing, gamified financial promotion, and maintaining the player community. “We believe that the current gamified financial market is only in its infancy. It is expected to mature and further consolidate in the next two years. As Hong Kong’s first blockchain gaming guild, Guild 22 can connect traditional gamers with gamified finance. As blockchain games have been gradually integrated into people’s lives, Hong Kong gamers can learn more about the evolution and development of gamified finance and blockchain games through Guild 22 at the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the size of the blockchain gaming market grew from zero to HK$19.5 billion in 2021. Ronald predicts that it could grow to HK$78 billion by 2023. Taking the game from STEPN blockchain as an example, players only need to buy a pair of digital asset sneakers (around US$1,000 to US$1,200) in advance to earn around US$60 a day. All calculations are based on player stamina and in-game digital currency each day. They can earn around $1,860 a month.

Guild 22 has scheduled May 22 as Guild 22 Day. It also launched its first large-scale public event, “Guild 22 Blockchain Gaming Trail” from May 20-22. During the event, Ronald will present the guild plans and tips for playing and winning the games in collaboration with Kimi Chiu. The pros will also teach visitors how to set up a crypto wallet on the site, taking them on the Game-Fi journey.

Kimi also says that the play to win feature greatly benefits players. She comments, “As a player, we can earn rewards and income from games. We can even win a good amount of the right to vote. Therefore, we can affect the development of the game. I also heard that I can earn more money by working after joining the guild. Additionally, in-game accessories and gear are unique NFT assets. They are not only collectible, but can also be traded on the market for extra income. Who said that playing is a waste of time?

Players who come to experience can try the P2E shooter EV.IO on the spot. By using your shooting skills, you have a chance to win the “Guild 22 Jackpot” of 500 USDT. Players will also receive an NFT after becoming a member of Guild 22. In addition, they can also participate in the Axie Infinity Challenge hosted by HKGameFi and compete for the $1,000 USDT prize money offered by Guild 22. Interested players ​​in learning about Guild 22 and getting to know Game-Fi should not miss this opportunity.

Guild 22 Days of Game-Fi Blockchain Experience
Date: May 20 to 22, 2022
Hours: 12 noon to 9 p.m.
Location: Metacade, No.38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay

About GameFi

  • The term Game-Fi (gamified finance) dates back to 2019, when Mary Ma, chief strategy officer at MixMarvel, first proposed the concept of “embedding financial elements into games.” After the mention of her, games are no longer pure entertainment.
  • The development of gamified finance has become more common and globalized in recent years. In October 2021, blockchain gaming company Axie Infinity completed a Series B funding round, raised $152 million, and has amassed $1.35 billion in revenue so far.
  • According to statistics provided by blockchain gaming platform service provider Blockchaingamer, the total investment in Game-Fi has exceeded US$2.5 billion at the moment.
  • According to the data tracking platform Dapp, DappRadar, and the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), the total investment in 2022 will reach 10,000 million dollars.
  • Statistics from the Digital Report 2020 global report show that there are a total of more than 3.5 billion gamers worldwide, while the average daily game time is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Hong Kong is ranked 18th in the world (55 minutes), compared to Japan (27 minutes), which is ranked 42ndNorth Dakota.
  • Using STEPN as an example, players only need to buy a pair of digital asset shoes (around US$1,000 to US$1,200) and can earn around US$60 per day. All calculations are based on player stamina and in-game digital currency each day.

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About Guild 22

Game-Fi has become very popular in recent years. Guild 22, officially established in December 2021, is made up of a team of experts who have deep knowledge and experience in cryptocurrencies and finance, and a group of passionate young gamers. The guild is different from its counterparts in the Southeast Asian markets in that Guild 22 focuses more on the level of players and automated financial technology rather than blindly chasing player numbers. In the future, Guild 22 will also continue to attract younger generations to jointly develop the blockchain and traditional gaming markets, and cooperate with the technical team to develop data analysis systems. You will also operate from a digital asset management perspective and strive for the most profitable transactions.

Additionally, Guild 22 plans to collaborate with local universities to launch a wide variety of activities to reach younger generations. In addition to recruiting talented gamers, we hope to include people who are interested in the gaming market.



About ronald chiu

As one of the founders of Guild 22 and Chairman of the Pong Group, Ronald owns the PONGConnect Technology Innovation Industry. His innovation includes Beer Pong, an electronic scoring table. A Hong Kong Game-Fi pioneer and a dedicated mobile gamer, Ronald had a deep understanding of the traditional gaming model and the gamified financial model. He is optimistic about the future of blockchain gaming and has made a seven-figure investment in Guild 22. In the future, he will multiply his investment and use Guild 22 to take Hong Kong gamers abroad and learn more about blockchain. evolution and development. of gamified finance and blockchain games.

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