Guardiola responds to the two Manchester United stars on City’s exit from the Champions League

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London (AFP)- The Spanish Pep Guardiola responded this Friday to the ex-stars of Manchester United, Patrice Evra and the Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov, for criticizing the character of his team, Manchester City, after the hard exit from the Champions League.

Guardiola was annoyed by the statements made by the two former internationals about City leaving the semi-finals against Real Madrid.

City looked set to reach a second successive final after winning 4-3 in the first leg at home and advancing with a clean goal in Madrid until the very last minute, before Brazilian substitute Rodrigo’s brace in the 90th and 90th minutes to take the game with two extensions, which the Real settled with a penalty from the Frenchman Karim Benzema.

Evra, who won the continental title with United in 2008, found Guardiola’s side lacking in character and leadership, while Berbatov questioned the concentration of the players.

City responded to this disappointing outing by scoring 10 goals in two games in the English Premier League to move closer to their fourth title in five seasons, while continuing their quest for their first continental title.

Guardiola, who has also come under fire from former Real Madrid midfielder Clarence Seedorf, was scathing in his response to doubters.

In his defence, he referred to their Champions League final win against United in particular when he was Barcelona manager in 2009 and 2011.

“I played against them, I didn’t see this character when we destroyed United in the Champions League final. You can’t have personality because you conceded two goals in a minute after so many chances.” To note?”

“Sometimes that’s football, anything can happen. We can’t control a lot of things, but when you always get to the last stages in four or five years, it’s unbelievable.”

He added: “We have incredible character. I’m sorry but I don’t agree at all. We have shown our character in the last five years, every three days, in all competitions.”

City hope to take advantage of Liverpool’s preoccupation with Saturday’s cup final against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium, to widen the gap to six points with him and move closer to the league title.

City are three points clear of Liverpool, with two games to go, and will arrive at West Ham on Sunday and finish the season at home to Aston Villa, while Liverpool will face Southampton on Tuesday before receiving final to the Wolves. .

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