Google’s new software removes unknown words like “owner”

Google is launching a NEW computer program that flags unfamiliar words like “owner.”

Its inclusive language feature prompts writers to avoid certain non-PC phrases and suggests replacements.


Google’s new software removes unknown words like “owner”Credit: Alamy

Google’s suggestions for alternatives to “owner” include “property owner” or “owner”.

Others include changing “humanity” to “humanity,” “police officers” to “police officers,” and “housewife” to “stay-at-home spouse.” It even opposes “motherboard,” the technical term for a computer’s circuit board.

If a writer uses terms that Google considers to be non-PC, a message appears that says, “Inclusive warning. Some of these words may not be inclusive of all readers. Please consider using different words.”

Silkie Carlo of Big Brother Watch called it “deeply intrusive” and added: “Google doesn’t just read every word you type, it tells you what to type.

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“This policing of speech is profoundly clumsy, creepy and wrong, often reinforcing bias. Invasive technology like this undermines privacy, freedom of expression and, increasingly, freedom of thought.”

The Google Docs program, which includes the new warnings feature, is initially rolling out to certain business users and is turned on by default.

Google said: “Our technology is always improving and we don’t yet have a solution to identify and mitigate all spam word associations and biases.”

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