Gift ideas and birthday gifts for Gemini


Vivacious and curious, Geminis are known to be full of energy, passionate about a variety of interests, and highly adaptable. Zodiac twins, people born under the air sign of Gemini are very risk-taking and eager to learn.

With birthdays from May 21 to June 20, famed astrologer Aliza Kelly says, “Gemini, an air sign represented by the twins, is known for its intrinsic duality.” They have a reputation for being two-faced, but Kelly says that’s unfair: “Their forking is a reflection of their dynamic curiosities – they’re fascinated by everything and anything, which means this playful zodiac sign often feels like they need to be in two places at once to satisfy all your interests!”

Below, with Kelly’s help, we rounded up 22 gift ideas that are perfect for the Gemini in your life.

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“There are few things Geminis love more than spontaneously going to music festivals or concerts, so support your Gemini friend in all their impulsive decisions with a clear fanny pack,” says Kelly. “He Not only will he comply with most of the place codes, but he will also free up your hands so you can juggle… well, whatever!”

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PackTowl Personal Towel

Practical gifts that support a Gemini’s often impractical life are a great way to show your love (especially if you’re a practical Virgo or Capricorn!) Quick-drying towels are one of those travel products you don’t know you need. you need until you have one, and then you wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Blanc Noir Linear Mesh Zip Front Hoodie

Of course, it’s also fun to give a totally impractical gift! This mesh hoodie won’t provide much warmth, but it certainly looks cool, and it comes in a bright and cheery yellow, which is the go-to color for bold, fun-loving Geminis.

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adidas x pharrell williams humanrace sweatshirt

Or you could do like a Gemini and combine fun with practicality! The Humanrace Hoodie designed by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with Adidas in Gemini’s signature yellow colorway looks great and will keep you warm, which is the best of both worlds.

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MasterClass Gift Subscription

When choosing gifts for the Gemini in your life, go ahead and incorporate a touch of intellectualism. “Geminis love to learn,” says Kelly. A MasterClass subscription will surprise them and keep their anxious minds busy long after Gemini season has come and gone.

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'The Moon Sign Guide: An Astrological Look Into Your Inner Life' by Annabel Gat

Given Gemini’s love of learning, Kelly recommends fellow astrologer Annabel Gat’s latest book for zodiac lovers who want to go beyond simply understanding their Sun sign. “This dynamic text is sure to spark intrigue and become Gemini’s newest obsession,” she says.

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Etsy Breathing Necklace

Breathing collars are designed to help you breathe correctly by guiding the timing of inhalation and exhalation to optimize the calming effects of deep breathing. Each sign is ruled by a body part or parts: Geminis are ruled by the throat and lungs, so anything related to breathing will feel personalized to them.

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Wildflower Gemini Zodiac iPhone Case

Natural communicators, the Gemini in your life is probably the most phone-obsessed person you know. A brightly colored protective case will help them find their phone easily even in the darkest depths of the largest bag known to man.

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Bonai portable charger

Chatty Gemini is the most likely among the zodiac signs to run out of power on their cell phone. This brightly colored tubular portable charger will keep them in extra juice so they can call on you to thank you for the great gift.

$49 at Amazon

Bullet Bracelets

Gemini is one of the most physically active signs, and style is very important to them, so any super trendy workout gear, like a set of Bala Bangles, is sure to please them.

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Willa Arlow Bray Bar Cart

They’re not known for being homebodies, so skip the cozy personal care gifts and if you must give something for the home, go with a big, bold bar cart. The Gemini in your life will be so excited to bring the party right into their living room!

$30 at Urban Outfitters

karaoke microphone

“Playful, positive and always up for a party,” says Kelly, “Gemini is one of the most energetic signs in the zodiac!” A karaoke microphone combines Gemini’s love of parties with that sign’s affinity for all things lungs and throat, making it a practically perfect gift idea.

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C7skates premium quad skates

“Geminis love to take risks, try new things, and learn about unique games or gadgets that are sure to be instant hits,” says Kelly. “When giving Gemini a gift, make sure ‘fun’ is a top priority: for these social signs, playfulness is a real value.” What could be more fun than a pair of retro-style skates in a striking yellow?

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SameTech Pineapple Corer Slicer

Pineapples are a very Gemini-like fruit: bright yellow, lots of fun, with an unmistakable duality (prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside!). , leaving the exterior intact so you can serve drinks on it!

From $14.49 $13.04 on Etsy

Etsy Custom Crazy Straw

If you’re going to serve drinks in a pineapple, why not go even bigger and give the birthday girl or boy a personalized drinking straw? Big, shiny, silly, totally your own – honestly, a crazy straw is a pretty much perfect Gemini birthday present.

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flare number

Geminis’ love of fun makes them highly appetizing, even if shopping means picking out some age-appropriate numbered sparklers to add an extra sparkly touch to your birthday cake.

$9 at Sephora

Glamglow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Mask

After so much partying, even the most energetic Geminis will need to relax and decompress. Glamglow’s Bubblesheet Cleansing Face Mask literally begins to bubble up upon application, creating a party of foam on the face.

$40 $34 on Etsy

Magic Shop Jewelry Statement Necklace

Geminis are throat-ruled, so if you’re looking to gift a Gemini with jewelry, opt for a necklace instead of a bracelet or earrings. This style of yellow and blue beads is known as an air necklace, making it perfect for the air sign of Gemini.

$44 on Etsy

Hygge Jewelry Lab Geometric Statement Necklace

If you like the idea of ​​giving a Gemini a necklace, but something in yellow is too risky with the style, this cool geometric necklace is a more conservative option, while still being an eye-catching piece that any Gemini will be proud to show off. off.

$16 at Urban Outfitters

Chillhouse Chill Tips Press-On Manicure Kit

Ever-changing Geminis will appreciate the versatility and quick application of reusable press-on nails. This snap-on tip set gets high marks for durability and comes in 14 color combinations. For a Gemini, we like the yin and yang “All” design that represents the duality of the twins.

$48 in urban stems

Sonny's bouquet

Flowers are always a safe option for birthdays, but they can feel a bit impersonal. Urban Stems online flower shop solves that problem by offering a birthday bouquet designed for each zodiac sign; the arrangement for Gemini consists of cheerful sunflowers that will brighten up any room.

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Febreze Unstoppables Car*strology Collection

Kelly has partnered with Febreze to launch the Car*strology collection of air fresheners. In formulating Gemini Car Air Freshener, Kelly says she incorporated airy, crisp scents that will appeal to ultra-spontaneous, fast-paced, high-intensity Geminis.

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