Ghostly goings-on in haunted York, memories of photographing the Falklands War, the success of The Ritz’s chef competition and more – five long reads from The Yorkshire Post’s feature team this week

There are 600 books on ghosts to be found in John West’s personal library at his home in Suffolk, the result of a nearly lifelong fascination with spirits and ghosts.

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West published her own book on ghosts in 2019, Britain’s Haunted Heritage, and a second volume followed last month. Britain’s Ghostly Heritage features a chapter on the City of York.

John West’s book on ghostly occurrences features a chapter on the city of York. Image: Jason Figgis

Competition win for Sheffield chef who works at The Ritz

After waiting three years for his chance to represent the UK on the world stage, Sheffield-born chef Ian Musgrave secured a place in the final of the celebrated Bocuse d’Or, a global cooking competition that has been described as the culinary equivalent of the Olympics.

Ian, who was the British Culinary Federation Chef of the Year in 2018, has worked at the Ritz Hotel in London for the last 11 years, where he is now the senior sous chef.

Ian Musgrave of The Ritz London cooked his way to a place in the Bocuse d’Or World Final. Photo: Jodi Hinds/Bocuse d’Or

Paul Haley never imagined that he would be in the middle of a war. He was a civilian, not a soldier, and he was carrying a camera, not a gun. However, for a few tense weeks in 1982 he found himself in the middle of the fierce fight to recapture the Falkland Islands.

Paul was there to photograph the British forces trying to liberate the islands from their Argentine invaders and, uniquely among the press covering the conflict, he was present at the personal request of the commanding officer of the troops who fought the climactic battles.

Paul Haley, who photographed the Falklands War.

A nutritionist’s ‘culinary spa’ to support gut health

“Someone described it as a culinary spa experience,” says Vicky Richardson of her first Mindful Dinners event.

Meditation, Tibetan bowls and a five-course meal are on the menu at nutritionist events designed to help people with their gut health.

Vicky Richardson, who runs Mindful Dinners. Image: Drazen Photo Priganica

The heart of the industry live

Production Park in West Yorkshire is at the heart of the global live events industry.

Founded in 2015 with the intention of being ‘Where Live Industry Lives’, it is home to a live events business community, six studios and a creative cohort of over 200 students based in the on-site educational facilities. Backstage Academy.

It’s a place where multi-million dollar concert touring stages are built, where theatrical props, sets, sports structures and sculptures are created, and where shows from some of the world’s biggest acts are brought to life with lights, sound and production rehearsals. .

The biggest names in the world make use of the studio space at Production Park in Yorkshire. Photo: Production Park

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