Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Anne Lister Meets Mariana

What happens next for Ana? (Image: BBC)

Gentleman Jack fans saw Anne Lister finally give in and pay a visit to her old flame Mariana Lawton, who had some home truths to tell, but what’s next for the former couple?

In recent weeks, Lister (Suranne Jones) and his wife Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) have been trying to navigate their lives as newlyweds.

But things haven’t been as easy as expected as they plan to make a home together.

Among other complications, Lister’s old love interests have been showing up, from Tib (Joanna Scanlan) to Mariana (Lydia Leonard), both casting doubt on their new relationship.

However, with Walker still struggling to get what he wants, as his family continues to disapprove of his decisions, and Lister now convinced to see Mariana, there is much more to try to get through together at the moment.

But will the couple make it through new battles, as their secret love is about to be exposed?

Elizabeth had her baby, but there is no mention of the division of the estate yet.

knight jack

There’s a new baby in the family (Picture: BBC)

Last week, we briefly saw Walker’s pregnant sister Elizabeth (Katherine Kelly) on screen as the former tried to get her share of the inheritance.

Tonight, she revealed: ‘Elizabeth has given birth to a good boy, mother and baby are doing well. He will be christened John in honor of my brother.

‘No mention of the division of the estate, how many weeks has it been since I wrote? It’s not even mentioned,’ Walker sighed, kicking down the alcohol.

His wife tells him to ‘go ahead’ as she vents her frustrations, with Walker adding, ‘I just got ignored, why do people think they can ignore me? Do you think I’m invisible?’

Lister replied: “You are not invisible, people need education, today was a triumph, the truth is to show people what it is, not bitter gossip, and if necessary, we will employ Mr. Parker, they will not ignore a man of laws.

Will Ann get her fair share of the inheritance she so desires?

Mariana reveals her desperation to see Anne

mariana knight jack

Mariana asked Anne to come see her (Image: BBC)

Until now, we have yet to see the couple reunite, which will be the first time since Lister’s marriage to Walker.

Mariana wrote once more, requesting that Lister come to visit me: ‘Dear Fred, I don’t think you understand the misery of indecision I felt when I walked past Shibden. Although I still do not feel able to meet your little friend, although I hope that with time that will change, I am very sorry that I did not see you.

There are things between us that still need to be said, some things may be better left unsaid, but at the same time, could Mrs. Walker spare you a night or two to visit me in Lawton? she asked her, something Lister responded to later.

But ultimately, will they get what they both want from their ‘unfinished business’?

Will Anne Lister and Ann Walker be able to hide their true relationship?

The couple are not hiding their relationship as well as they thought (Picture: BBC)

Last week, the couple’s romance was witnessed by two of the youngsters from the Crow Nest, who, of course, told others the news.

Eliza (Emma Wrightson) is upset that her friend Henry (Dexter Hughes) has been banned from seeing her, but her mother soon makes it clear to Mr. Washington (Joe Armstrong) why.

‘They are in a large room with gold painted curtains and furniture, apparently, they heard that Mrs Walker and Mrs Lister must have arrived unknown. Eliza suddenly tells her to hide. They locked themselves in this room hiding behind a cupboard… he wet himself, he was so scared.

“They were kissing, Mrs. Lister and Mrs. Walker, they were kissing in the bedroom, they described it,” he revealed, declining to go into more detail.

But what could happen if their relationship becomes public in Halifax?

What happened to Ben?

Thomas was acting very suspicious tonight (Picture: BBC)

The property manager, Mr. Washington, has become increasingly concerned about his daughter Suzannah (Amy James-Kelly), who is married to Anne’s tenant, Thomas Sowden (Tom Lewis).

Suzannah has become unhappy living with Thomas and his family, especially her Uncle Ben (Anthony Flanagan), who viewers have seen express concern over the disappearance of his brother Sam, Thomas’s abusive father.

But now it’s Ben who is nowhere to be seen and with Mr. Washington investigating his daughter Eliza tonight, it seems there are definitely some secrets yet to be revealed.

He left yesterday forever,’ he said, and his father replied, ‘Okay, well, if he comes back, you come see me, okay? If Thomas can’t take care of him, I can… where has he gone?

“I don’t know, I don’t care, he’s just gone,” before viewers saw Thomas threatening his mother, who was asking the same question, but is Ben still alive and well? Or has he met a sinister end?

Anne and Mariana are finally reunited, but things are icy.

mariana and jack knight

Mariana was not happy with Anne’s casual arrival (Photo: BBC0)

With his wife’s blessing, Lister travels to see Mariana one more time, but he doesn’t get the warm reception he expects, with the latter revealing: ‘I’m miserable, I can hardly face going to see you.

‘You have no idea what you’ve done to me… you’ve destroyed me. You misunderstood me on the way back from Hastings. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I’m dizzy,” he told Lister.

Mariana went on to state that her ex-lover is ‘not in love’ with his new wife: ‘The way you write about it in your letters, I know when you’re not in love and this isn’t it… you’ve destroyed me and you’re not even loved.

Could this rekindle something in Lister that she forgot was really there all along? And ultimately, who will she choose?

Gentleman Jack continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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