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The GB News presenter argued that Brussels had reached a “new low” by strictly enforcing protocol that harms “our beloved Northern Ireland”, which he says is the “crown jewel of this country”. Dolan said the protocol “shamefully divides our country” and is about as useful as a “condom in a monastery.”

He said: “I voted to stay in 2016 but thank God we are out. I love Brexit. It’s annoying to all the right people, God bless each and every one of you who voted for it.

“We have seen the European Union rip out the rule book on vaccine supply and ignore commercial contract law.

“When they went after AstraZeneca, which made a vaccine that Emmanuel Macron called ineffective probably because it was British, and that Angela Merkel, probably the most overhyped politician in decades, said she probably wouldn’t have.

“His behavior during the vaccine line was symptomatic of the culture of that place, arrogance, dishonesty and blatant politics.

“We are seeing it all again with our beloved Northern Ireland, the jewel in the crown of this country.

“The unnecessary politicization and weaponization of the geography of this country has to be an all-time low point for Brussels.

“By unnecessarily and overzealously policing that invisible border in the Irish Sea, the EU has knowingly reignited problems with increasingly unsettled and angry unionist groups in Northern Ireland.

“With the DUP announcing today that it will not participate in a Northern Ireland administration until the protocol is resolved, this protocol that shamefully divides our country is about as useful as a condom in a monastery, existing simply to avoid a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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“He likes to get things done and I think he knew there would be trouble ahead and eventually his protocol would be deemed not fit for purpose and thrown away.

“And if it comes down to it, let’s have a trade war with Europe, we’re good at winning wars in Europe.”

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