Four-Year-Old Dallas Boy Drowns in Pool – NBC Los Angeles

Police say a four-year-old boy drowned after officers found the boy in a swimming pool at a Dallas home.

The boy, who was found in a residence on Myerwood Lane, was rushed to a hospital but it was too late.

Cook Children’s Hospital said doctors have treated 17 drownings since the beginning of the year, three of which were fatal.

“The numbers are a bit staggering,” said Cory Stuhmer, president of the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition, which teaches drowning prevention.

“So many people who are drowning within their families, tell us, I turned my back on you for two seconds,” Stuhmer said. “Any amount of time with a child in or around the water is too long to turn your back on them.”

According to Cook Children’s, many of these drownings occurred during unplanned swimming time, when parents did not expect children to be in or near the water.

“The main thing is oversight,” Stuhmer said. “But life jackets, making sure there’s a barrier around home pools, locking doors, things of that nature, to prevent little ones from going into the pool, are also important. ”

Warm weather means there will be more boats and people on the North Texas lakes.

“More drownings happen in natural waters like lakes, ponds, rivers, the beach, than in backyard pools, so safety equipment like life jackets are very important,” Stuhmer said.

He recommends that kids first learn self-rescue tips like learning to float backwards and knowing how to get out of the pool before taking swimming lessons.

The Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition offers drowning prevention events each summer.

You can find the link to their swim safety programs here:

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