Flash star Ezra Miller arrested again in Hawaii

Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii for the second time in recent weeks and charged with second-degree assault after allegedly throwing a chair at a woman.

Police on the island of Hawaii responded to an incident at a Pahoa home early Tuesday morning (April 19) and arrested Miller.

Police said the 29-year-old actor “went into a rage” after being asked to leave a private residence and threw a chair at a woman, hitting her in the head.

The woman reported a half-inch deep cut on her forehead.

This isn’t the first legal trouble Miller has faced in Hawaii recently.

Several weeks ago, the fantastic beasts The star was accused of harassing a woman at a Hilo karaoke bar and breaking into the residence of a couple who had rescued them.

Flash actor Ezra Miller arrested again in Hawaii (Hawaii Police Department/AP)


Miller, born in New Jersey, has portrayed in The flash for several years and is set to star in an independent film scheduled for release next year.

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