Exclusive! Raghuvir Yadav Parsi theater has prepared me in such a way that to date I have not been nervous in front of any actor or director.

Some artists don’t need any particular stage, amitabh bachchan It’s a dialogue! The line starts where we stand And I think that along the same lines, where some artists are present, there is their platform, where they are not far behind in showing their talent. One of the few such artists is a famous artist. Raghubir Yadav I accept From acting to music, what is the skill in which raghubir no expert I recently met him amazon first video series to be released onpanchayat season 2 And I immediately fell into his eyes, when I listened to him every minute, sometimes some raga, sometimes some taan, sometimes some tales, an artist is always ready, seeing this But for sure, until today Raghubir Yadav He is active, he is not lacking in energy, because he is very much in love with his fun, in such a situation, he has not only talked interestingly about his trip, but also talked interestingly, parts of which I am sharing here. Am Raghubir Yadav He credits the Parsi Theater for this stage of his career. Why do you think that, he has also said those things in detail?

A solid foundation has been gained from the Parsi Theater

Raghubir Yadav It is said that he has a very solid foundation of Parsi theater.

He elaborates on his experience in the Parsi theater.

I have never been nervous in front of any actor, the biggest reason for this has been the Parsi theater. I have met such caliphs and teachers there, so my tongue has become better. He used to speak Bundelkhandi. There were so many of those words, they didn’t know the difference. But he prepared me, I learned a lot there. I used to earn two rupees 50 paise a day at the Parsi theater so I worked there for many years, I used to go hungry there but my best days used to be there. There I learned a lot. Anu Kapoor’s father used to have a theater company in that theater. He was an amazing actor and I don’t see any actor in the whole industry. Everything I have learned there is still with me and I am living on his livelihood.

He goes on to say about the Parsi theater

I believe that one should not be satisfied, one should continue looking for things, I have also learned all that living in the Parsi theater. The satisfaction of an actor is like drowning in the novelty of him, so the fun is not in learning, but in the desire to try something new.

I am not in favor of opening an acting institution.

Raghubir Yadav He clearly says that he does not want to start any academy in his name, but he is also happy to do workshops.

Express your point of view

Actually, I still teach children. Sometimes I go to the NSD drama school, recently I went to Lonavala and gave a workshop to acting students, I enjoy teaching new people like this. I tell the people who come to the workshop, I have also come to learn, you also learn, I also learn. I don’t want to open any school, because if it becomes a business, there will be problems. I feel that the word act itself is wrong, you must know how to make the character.

consider women as men

Raghubir Yadav say clearly

In the ‘Panchayat’ program, even though Pradhan pronounces on the seal of a woman, but in real life, he considers both the same, he says, I cook myself, do all the housework, I It doesn’t matter, neither there is such a thing on my mind.

The real Hindustan is in the village, so the panchayat makes the connection.

Raghubir Yadav I think the public has liked Panchayat because India is a country of villages.

he says

I believe that India is a country of peoples. And its biggest identity is Panchayat. I have lived a lot in towns and villages. Stories like Panchayat try to highlight that environment and make it effortless, so people connect with it a lot.

In fact, I’m sure you’re an expert on your own fun. Raghubir Yadav This time also the new season of Panchayat is going to impress with the character of Pradhan ji, seeing him on screen makes it clear that he always wants to innovate, and I think that is why he has known how to connect. with ordinary people even after so many years and people don’t get bored with it. Raghubir Yadav this show of May 20, 2022 from amazon first video will continue to broadcast.

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