Eurovision Final 2022 – live: Ukraine wins with Kalush Orchestra

Ukraine awards UK and Sam Ryder with 12 points at Eurovision 2022

The Eurovision 2022 final turned out to be one of the liveliest and most competitive in recent times.

While the atmosphere was still in good spirits, the sheer quality of the 25 countries that competed this year presented voters with some tough decisions.

Sam Ryder, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame on TikTok, performed the original song “Space Man” and, despite previous dismal efforts from the UK, seemed to win over much of the audience.

“It’s been phenomenal,” he said. the independent of the support you have received. “The whole team has been working very hard touring Europe, using as much time as we could to do TV, radio, sing on street corners… Wherever we’ve been, there has been nothing but friendliness and good vibes.” Read more about him here.

Among the other favorites to win were Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra, Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs, Spain’s Chanel, and Italy’s own Mahmood and Blanco.

A trio of celebrity presenters led the evening’s proceedings, with the hosts being joined by pop singer Mika, Italian TV personality Alessandro Cattelan, and Italian singer Laura Pausini on stage.

After the performances ended, voting was opened to the European and Australian public, and to the panel of judges from each country.

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Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

And it’s Ukraine! In one of the most tense finals in a long time, and with the UK so close to first place, the public vote turned around and the Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine triumphed with their song “Stefania”.

Roisin O’Connor15 May 2022 00:04


Voting goes back to the public

Well, I’ve been screaming for a while, but the UK is at the top of the rankings after the jury votes in what seems like an unprecedented moment. Here comes the votes of the public, which can change everything…

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 23:44


Another set of douze points for Britain’s Sam Ryder

From Belgium and Germany, absolutely incredible scenes.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 23:15


voting begins

Everyone in the press room is holding their breath…

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 23:05


Maneskin joke about last year’s ‘cocaine’ controversy

Maneskin returned to Eurovision with lead vocalist Damiano David joking about last year’s “cocaine” controversy.

The Italian rock band was the winner of last year’s Song Contest with their performance of “Zitti E Buoni” at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam.

The group returned to Eurovision this year on Saturday night (May 14) to sing their new song “Supermodel” before the voting began.

After their performance, host Alessandro Cattelan, an Italian TV personality, asked the band if they had any advice for competitors awaiting results.

Lead vocalist David joked in response, “Have fun and don’t come near the table.”

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 23:02


Less than a minute to vote!

The fateful hour is almost upon us…

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:57


Maneskin Performs New Supermodel Single Despite Damiano David’s Injury

Poor Damien! He made it to the Eurovision final using a crutch (he apparently broke his ankle before the show). He and his band Maneskin still proved exactly why they were champions last year, performing a fiery rendition of new song “Supermodel,” along with a sneak peek of a new track. When asked if he had any advice for this year’s 25 contestants, he joked, “Don’t get too close to the table.” Of course, referring to the notorious “coca cola” scandal, where he was caught on camera leaning over a table, which turned out to be him picking up some broken glass from the floor.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:33


Now it’s up to the voters…

That’s it! The show concludes with Stefan from Estonia singing “Hope”, and now it’s time to voooooooooote:

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:16


Eurovision fans praise Sam Ryder’s performance of Space Man

Eurovision fans are delighted with the UK’s entry.

This year’s UK representative is singer-songwriter and TikTok star Sam Ryder.

The Essex-born musician performed his song “Space Man” at the final in Turin, Italy, this year’s host country, following Italian rock band Måneskin’s victory in the 2021 competition.

Prior to his selection as this year’s contender, the 32-year-old made a name for himself on TikTok through a combination of his covers of greatest hits and original music.

Viewers shared their reactions to Ryder’s performance on Twitter.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:11


Sam Ryder made us proud

What a performance! He really gave it his all, amazing guitar solo, amazing vocals…absolutely nothing to be ashamed of this year. Come on voters!

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:01

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