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Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming PC and mobile game from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Inifnite. It looks like the sci-fi cousin of Genshin Impact which is not inherently a bad thing. The game is touted as a shared open world RPG and is set to release later this year. To help the team prepare for launch, players can sign up now through March 29 for the chance to participate in a closed beta test over on the official site. You can also enjoy a brand new trailer for the game that is great except for the audio balance.

Set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet of Aida, the open-world, anime-infused sci-fi adventure Tower of Fantasy is already a hit with gamers in China, and in 2022 gamers in the rest of the world will get to join in on the thrilling action. Players will be able to experience an anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi art style, freeform character development, immersive objectives, and exciting combat through thrilling battles and exciting open-world exploration.

In Tower of Fantasy, dwindling resources and a lack of energy have forced mankind to leave earth and migrate to Aida, a lush and habitable alien world. There, they observed the comet Mara and discovered an unknown but powerful energy called “Omnium” contained in it. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to the influence of Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on their new homeworld.

Set in this devastated, post-catastrophe world of Aida, players will embark on an adventure for themselves and for the future of humanity.

Here’s a list of features that fans can get excited for:

  • Immersive Open-World: Experience a vast alien world full of beautiful open views and imposing futuristic structures.

  • Unique Characters: Wield the unique weapons of each character that grant different gameplay styles as you explore their compelling backstories.

  • Grow and Explore Together: Party up with friends online and take on new adventures in the shared open world.

  • Epic Combat: Engage in epic battles against enemies of all shapes and sizes as you switch weapons and gameplay styles on the fly to unlock your own personal fighting style.

  • Explore and Interact: Explore and interact with a vibrant living world as you discover your own journey through it.

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