Emirates News Agency – South Korean Army: Pyongyang fired two missiles into the East Sea

SEOUL, 17th April (WAM) — South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced today that Pyongyang fired two projectiles in the Hamhyeong region into the East Sea last night.

The agency said – via text messages to reporters reported by South Korea’s “Yonhap” news agency – that the two missiles traveled about 110 kilometers at an altitude of about 25 kilometers with a maximum speed of less than Mach 4. , indicating that South Korean and US intelligence authorities are closely monitoring North Korean movements of the additional launch operation with preparation and maintaining a strong defensive posture.

And the North Korean Central News Agency reported today that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un witnessed the launch of a new type of tactical guided weapon.

He reported that the experiment was carried out successfully and said that the new weapons system is of great importance to significantly improve the firepower of long-range artillery units at the front and improve the efficiency in the operation of nuclear weapons. .

Meanwhile, military officials in Seoul revealed that South Korea and the United States will begin major joint spring military exercises this week to bolster the allies’ defensive posture.

The nine-day CCPT training using computer simulation is scheduled to start Monday and does not include any field force exercises, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that this time the exercise is aimed at enhancing the joint operational capabilities of South Korean and US forces and will serve as an opportunity to strengthen the allies’ common defense posture.

The computerized training program includes a series of operational procedures in wartime.

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Wm/ Mustafa Badr Al-Din

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