Emirates News Agency – “Health”: The UAE continues to issue legislation and laws to preserve the rights of employees and workers and preserve their health

DUBAI, April 28 / WAM / The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has confirmed that the UAE will continue to issue legislation and laws to preserve the rights of employees and workers and preserve their health and safety in the work environment to improve the state . record, which is full of outstanding achievements in the field of preserving the rights of employees and workers, taking into account their occupational safety and health, including Reflected on the advancement of sustainable development to ensure the achievement of a competitive advantage for the country and the sustainability of results.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention participates with the countries of the world in their celebration of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated on April 28 of each year, and aims to promote the concept of safety and health in work in diverse global work environments.

The efforts of the Ministry are combined with the corresponding authorities within the framework of the national standard for the occupational health and safety management system in accordance with an integrated strategy and within the framework of the governing standards, where the best practices are found. international health and safety. The safety of clients and employees is applied, the use of the latest technologies related to the work environment, and the provision of the necessary training to workers in all its locations in order to provide a healthy and safe workplace by providing a integrated prevention system.

The Ministry also provides a psychological counseling helpline for employees with the help of a number of psychological specialists and consultants to support employees’ mental health and enhance their sense of security. The Ministry is willing to carry out regular reviews to assess risks related to health. and safety and measure the implementation of standards and conditions.

The Ministry is working with the competent authorities to develop a modern system to report, document and analyze occupational accidents and injuries, prepare periodic reports on them at the national level and open channels of communication between the competent authorities to improve the health of workers. in establishments. , whether physical or psychological, to the degree of professional happiness… through the development of the national system To document accidents, occupational injuries and occupational diseases in cooperation with the relevant Arab and international organizations.

Occupational health and safety represents a moral, civil and economic commitment in the UAE, as the country has ratified several important ILO agreements related to workers’ rights and has adopted many laws to protect them, including laws in the areas of employment, wages, housing, and occupational safety and health.

Umm / Halima Al Shamsi / Reda Abdel Nour

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