Elections in Lebanon… “hundreds of violations” in the first hours

The commission indicated, through the reports it receives from its operations room and its direct monitoring of the electoral process, that it is “studying the reports on these violations, and taking immediate measures in this regard, including referring them to the judicial authorities competent”.

He emphasized “following the rhythm of the electoral process until the polls close,” and called on all the media, candidates, and political bodies to “immediately adhere to electoral silence, in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law.” .

Earlier on Sunday, media reports said that supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal movement attacked a tent belonging to the Lebanese Forces in Jezzine, southern Lebanon.

A dispute also broke out between Hezbollah and Hezbollah supporters in Zahle, the Bekaa Valley, in eastern Lebanon.

Lebanese flocked to polling stations early Sunday morning to elect a new parliament, over the impact of an economic collapse changing the face of the country and hoping the vote will lead to significant change.

A new batch of candidates from the 2019 protest movement are running against the country’s established ruling class in hopes of toppling it, but their candidates are divided and lack the money, experience and other advantages of traditional political rulers.

The voting process began shortly after the opening of the polling stations, under the protection of the security forces deployed throughout the country.

Sunday’s election is the first since Lebanon’s internal collapse began in October 2019, sparking widespread anti-government protests.

It is also the first election since the massive explosion in August 2020 in the port of Beirut, which killed more than 200 people, injured thousands and destroyed much of the Lebanese capital.

However, expectations of real change are modest, amid heightened fears that the vote could bring back the same parties and political faces.

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